Vision Mission

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My spell at Sankara Nethralaya for almost 7 years changed my life. It was then I started to look at things in two different ways. The way we look at things and the way a visually impaired person look.

It was then I noticed every small action that happens naturally and taken for granted by us like that of a child's smile, a flower's bloom, clouds, the sand, the sea are infact next to god for people who cannot see. Knew the importance of sight even if it compels me to see the dirt, the litter strewn everywhere spoiling the beauty of earth. I tried to explain the beauty of a sky which was deep blue in colour.... I was shocked when I was asked " What is Blue? How will it look?"

So I took the oath of joining hands with millions who are entrusted to take care of spreading the message of donating eyes and giving sight to those who cannot see.

Join the mission of giving vision.

Vision Mission - I

Infant's smile
A solitary rose
Colourful rainbow
Majestic mountains
Fluffy clouds
A sight we commonly overlook
Miracle indeed is
Viewing colours through
a black and white frame
Think of the millions
Who are deprived of their sight

Donate the light of your eye
After your life


Vision Mission - II

-Leading light
Which we proudly possess

-Cunning night
Which millions possess

Try it
-By giving the light of your eye
To those who need the sight

If your predict their ecstasy
Of getting the sight - the light.


Vision Mission - III

Mighty miracles
happen everywhere
lighting thoughts
guiding minds
Lighting is guiding
Light a person's life
with your sight
and bring back light in
to their dark life.



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