Conflicting moods

Saturday, January 12, 2008 , 1 Comments

sifting through the pages of my so called abstract poetries, made me sit and read it again.... i barely remember the day I wrote them but conflicting moods and emotions is what i could see now being reflected in those words...... two such poems one when I was down and another when I was jubilant.....

Barren Thoughts

Sitting at the river bank, throwing pebbles
watching the water ripple,
Mind in a daze, not taking notice of hand's action.

Every organ acting on it's own volition
Walked miles, not feeling the pain...
Ate when not hungry, slept with eyes open.

Disoriented life, jumbled thoughts
Tried to swallow the lump in my throat
Couldn't cry, as the tears became dry...

Wishing to live, longing to die
My heart a barren land,
deserted, dry and thorny...

Waiting for a breeze to envelope me..
A gentle hand to remove the thorns
A tender heart to teach me love.

Love - havoc of a heart

Love - Tenant of the heart
Owner of the soul
Gives a melody
At heart's union
A swift glance
Doth make one dance
A strong under current
Shiver evoked under the spine
Rare glances
Causing rhapsodies
Teasing, taunting
Emotions raw and unhidden
Foolish grins and giggles
Tricky and fascinating as a spider’s web
Causing a slur in thoughts
Who wins the game of love?
Love wins and triumphs.


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Asha Sundar said...

Hi viji,
I thank god and gaya for making me meet such a sweet and lovable person.Every words of ur blog are as sweet as viji.I love each and every words of barren thoughts.

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