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Sunday, September 21, 2008 , 5 Comments

Anirudh's first term is coming to an end. As a typical Indian School's ritual, last week Ani came from school, loaded with a list of activities to be done for the next day. A poem for English, an article for Social science, a picture for arts.

Ani is noted for his administrative capabilities, he allotted poetry writing to me, article to Suresh and drawing the picture to his gramps.

He elaborated,

"Mom you keep writing something or other in your blog. So it's going to be child's play for you and Dad is good in googling, I have seen him watching FTV models online and all such stuff." I could hear Suresh swearing silently, when I threw a disgusting look at him. "Gramp is an artist, so it's not going to be difficult to draw one small picture, don't you agree?".

Though angry at his arrogance, but sort of helpless as the activity submission should be done the next day and he had loads of homework and lots to study for the up coming term exams, we volunteered to help him out with a rough draft for the poem and an outline sketch for the drawing and since it was just going to be a printout for social science not a problem there.

While I worked on poetry, Sure started to collect photographs, raiding Wikipedia on various grasslands grudgingly (people should pay for their sins) and my dad started to draw. Ani was watching his fav show "Mad" in Pogo, which happened to be a program on activities for kids. He was telling his granny on how easy it's for him to do these activities.

After an hour, he came to us, saw our work and in his usual casual style said, "They are sort of okay, but it does not look like my work. My mam is going to give me just an A and not the usual A+." We were speechless.

One should see and talk to my son to understand his smart, casual, tart replies. Else this whole post will be considered to be an exaggerated version. He is too grand, and no exaggeration can justify his own self. I wrote this post not to belittle him. He is a wonderful kid when he is not tricky and he is adorable when he is not up to playing pranks. I am all for his quick wit and intelligence, but most of the time he is trouble in caps.

Right now, I'm more bothered about "all such stuff" than FTV models. Men!!!


Some say he’s half man half fish, others say he’s more of a seventy/thirty split. Either way he’s a fishy bastard. Google

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Unknown said...

he is on his way to become top management in some company...dont worry about his future..he wont be a code monkey..he will be commanding them...(provided he or rather all of you are able to clear the 12th grade and so on)

Viji said...

:( u're reflecting my fears aloud... will he clear his 12th???

He can become a Project Manager. He knows to delegate the work and pinpoint other people mistake :)

Kalpana Babu said...

Smart boy Ani.. Sure he will get a gud possition in life, one or the other day u will be proud of him..

Viji said...

if only what you say comes true Kalpana, I will be the happiest person on earth :)Thanks for your comment.

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