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Had a kite
colourful sight
swishing and swirling
and fluttering so high

craning my neck
looked at my kite
he looked so grand
I felt a rush of pride

flew him high
flew him wide
felt him dip down
gazing at me
what more I want?
he is mine

held the threads
that connected me and him
had the total control
just a tug will have him snug...

Sudden swish
another kite
not so grand
came to his side.

thought will play
a game of war
fun to watch him
coil her pretty neck

thought they were fighting
as he tried to pull her
and she fought too
swaying and twirling

as i watched
she gained control
saw him slipping
going her way.

I tried to right him.
but before i knew
he stopped fighting
losing deliberately

i knew that moment
he fell for her
she charmed him
she wooed him
followed him with zest.

with a slight dip
he looked at me
it was that moment
he chose her for me...

the threads were cut
he left with her
No backward glance
not a moment of regret

watched him fly by
dancing a passion dance
coiled to each other
she breathing his breath

My thread to sanity
opted to leave me
I stood still feet firmly planted
gazing at him
with a loose thread in my hand.


Some say he’s half man half fish, others say he’s more of a seventy/thirty split. Either way he’s a fishy bastard. Google

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Anonymous said...

Excellent One Viji. Hats off

Viji said...

:) Pd

Opaque said...

Again, yet another time, a good reference to express an otherwise clichéd theme of "falling for each other". You are being different!!! And, I appreciate that!!!

Viji said...

:) kite is my favourite poem...a hopeless romantic..

i have one whole book of my poems dated from 1991 - till today. just don't have time to type them.. shd do that. maybe shd request ani to help.

wisdom comes with experience

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