My best friend and his best friend

Sunday, August 30, 2009 , , 9 Comments

Many a times, I had witnessed
smoking your ?last cigarette
with renewed zest.

The glowing tip glistening
between your fingers bristling,
not caring, gloated and cushy
looking smug and winked at me.

It seemed to say,
Try all the ways you can
He is in my grip
as much as he thinks, I'm in his.

He sucks my plume of smoke in
And I suck his life from with in.
The game is on between me and your friend.
Wait and see, who is going to win.

I can bet my hold on him
He is connected to me, as a phone to its sim.
try warning him against me
you will see how he's addicted to me.

I can warn you fair and square
If he is wise, he will fight the dare
You wait for him to start his family,
While from within I pry his dreams gently.

You had given an image to his kid
God forbid, he tries hard to resist.
But I won't let him that easily as you wish,
Though, he tries hard to quit.

My Pal!

Don't you hear the cry from my heart?
Won't you ever try to part?
Is the Cig so important to you?
Than your Parents, Friends and people close to you?

I closed my eyes
When I saw this child.
That's how your kid would look
If you allow your dreams to unhook.


Some say he’s half man half fish, others say he’s more of a seventy/thirty split. Either way he’s a fishy bastard. Google

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Opaque said...

Apart from the phone and the sim comparison, I like this piece. Well done!

Viji said...

@Ajey thank you.

It would seem little unnatural, rather artificial when I used the phone and the sim.

But the fascination I have for the phone and sim, just came out that is all.

I can even take this example as far as Body and soul. Just imagine buying a 30K mobile without the 100 rupees sim card. It's almost like a body with out life. Sorry I know I am getting carried away. But I would really cite this as a good example for any good relationship... Can these both survive with out each other?

I didn't use this relationship for the sake of rhyming that much I can assure you :) Could have used any no of words. What I felt strongly came out.

h'mmmm, a different thought process

Viji said...

@devasena thanks for dropping in :)yep a little different from my usual stuff.


every breath to struggle
lead to the fear of losing heart
the pain in the chest reminds
every bit of the smoke and dirt
took in with pleasure, smiling

sleepy or may be fresh
slept or may be just awakened
breath is to struggle
beat is to live

running through the gale and windchills
grabbing fun without putting brains to work
stepping on the shadiest, seeping into tomb
losing strength and power equally well,
well, to mark and leave

sad or may be happy
poor or may be just, rich
ink is to mark
and impression is to leave


Viji said...

circlessssss! missed you :)

I am damn proud to have your lines here...pretty neat...missed your comments like hell bro...

i don't get to hear your comments as both of us rarely posts our poems in abstract community these days..

very nice of you to drop in here and comment... a pleasant SURPRISE.. make it a point to visit often...

Missed you buddy :) HAPPY HAPPY

Viji said...

I have a happy news to share with you all, my friend on whom this poem was written, has started to take anti smokin medicines and responding to it well.. he had been with out a smoke since a week now :)

God bless him! and my dreams are going to come true soon..

god bless me too..

i am out of smoke since a week and a half too.


i guess i know this friend of yours.

Viji said...

hmmm... yeah the same one :) i am happy tat u re off tat devil too... good riddance! God bless Madhav :)

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