Midnight song

Sunday, October 11, 2009 , 4 Comments

Without a shade of doubt
I realised tonight
In the midst of darkness
without a shaft of light

That the darkness has a face too.
Without a clue, I stared at the blue
Slowly, very slowly
The vision turned true.

Amidst the cloud
I stared at the face
And it seemed to say
I will guide you
Through darkness orlight.

I knew then, that I met my song
Ah! I met my midnight song
Assured that my heart ticks along.
And this is where my senses belong.

I love you more than my life itself.
I am there for you, it seemed to say too
Hold on to me, I will guide
Through your every step.

Lying down to sleep for a while
Hoping my song would wake me again
Let's play hide and seek
Behind the pillars of darkness and light.


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4 Candles:

Opaque said...

I guess you are out of the dull phase you mentioned about. This is very well done Viji. Keep it up!!!

Viji said...

thank you Ajey... it's sort of okay...I'm happy that atleast it turned out to be little decent. I almost lost hope on writing more..

Nice one Viji! A different thought process.

I like the pic, its intriguing

Viji said...

happy that you liked it Deva :)

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