My onesided IM chat :)

Monday, January 11, 2010 , , 6 Comments

On a lighter side... that was my one sided chat to a friend who was not in his place when I pinged him :)

Writing on a plain page
Speaking my heart out
Only the silence
As my companion
From the other end...

Makes me think
Am I an interference?
It could be a meeting
It could be a party
It could be a chat
It could be one
Or hundred and one things,
That keeps you occupied
At the other end...

Still its nice to chat with your image
Wearing a cap
And staring to your side
What is that you see there?
On a dusky evening
Hiding your smile..

I keep looking at you
Feeling joy coursing through me
What if I had not found you?
There would still be a place
Reserved for you..

Hurry up and fill
The silence from your end
I would be happy
To hear from you my dear friend :)


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6 Candles:

Opaque said...

You're getting better and better. Simple and nice work!

Viji said...

thanks ajey :)

That's Ok Viji, U can always buzz me, even if this person doesn;t respond.

Always ther for u...

Viji said...

thanks devasena.... I know u'll be there always for me and I assure you that i'll be at your side whether you need me or not:)

Shivsu said...

I'm sure your friend ought not be "hiding his smile" but rather wear a wide grin - musing about how special he is to have you as his friend, for you adore (him) even (in) his silence!

Viji said...

@ shiv...ha ha... he should he should! i am sending this link to him...

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