Walk away

Thursday, January 07, 2010 , 5 Comments

Thought our paths would cross
The day I saw you taking a walk.
I kept looking, to catch a glimpse of you
you walking at the farthest end.

What should I do?
To catch your attention.
Started to hum
loud enough for you to turn.

You kept walking
the pace didn't slacken
What should I do?
To catch your attention.

At the sight of a tiny mice.
I faked a scream of fright.
Did you stop at all;
To save this maid???

Gazing at your back,
Wishing for long strides
Tiny steps I took
which fit snugly in yours..

I can spend a life time,
Watching you walk.
Reading your foot prints
Deep and strong.

Yet wish to see your face
Are you real or am I awake?
Wish I could stop the wind;
And make your foot prints stay.


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Shivsu said...

Yay! Viji's back!

Love your poem! (So you do take morning walks, eh?!?) ;)

And here's my little attempt at extending it:


I place my feet upon the prints
Etched on earth by yours and their sprint;
I close my eyes to enter a trance,
Now in your arms at a ball-room dance...

A cold hand's touch wakes me in shiver...
I turn around, pink - it's you I'm near!
I feel an arrow from Cupid's quiver;
My eyes bat the words "I love you my dear!"

Viji said...

hey shiv... my pleasure that you left a comment here... honestly your poem is better than mine I should say :)

Willfully I !left it incomplete.. and you are so sweet that you gave a beautiful ending to it :) sweet sweet lines :) loved it..loved it!!

Opaque said...

This is nicely done Viji. Welcome back! And, keep such nice poems coming!!!

Unknown said...


funny nice sis...

Viji said...

thank you lovely rina :) thanks for bearing with me and being with me...

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