In a trance

Friday, February 26, 2010 4 Comments

I used to strain
My head bent to a side
To hear the music
playing inside me...

A thrum it was
An idle one at that...
Slowly and steadily
It used to beat.

At times a distinct hum,
A feeble one, deep down my mind.
Every time, I try to catch it
With out a trace, it would vanish.

I stepped out...
Taking a less trodden path,
To feel the cool fresh air...
Not aware of the reality
That waited me there.
It was a strong current
Not a meek breeze,
That made me gasp.
With all the air that surrounded me,
I still had to gasp to draw the air.

My lungs filled with more air
Frightened at the force, yet so aware.
Trying to keep my calm,
While hell bent to savour it for long.

Every tiny step I took,
A rebel in me, prodded me to take a look.
I raised my face to face the current,
Brave this time; as I waded further in....


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4 Candles:

Different one, Viji. The last para has a strong semblance to ur Indulgence poem...

Viji said...

thank devasena! astonishing you got them connected :) It's fun to act on impulse for small things... don't you think so?

dont kick me for my first comment. Coz I savour each & every line of urs..

Yes dear, It's fun to act on impulse for small things......

Viji said...

why should i kick you devs? happy that you could connect both the poems :)

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