Why Viji was caught with a cup of hot Chocolate in her hand?

Friday, April 23, 2010 11 Comments

After 30 years of loyal, addicted, unbriddled love towards caffeine, I decided to quit.  Asusual the divorce process is messy and both of us desperately want to get out of each others hair.  Yeah! I still reach out for my coffee mug in the mornings, the same way I reach out to my husband.  The withdrawal symptoms are really bad.  I hate it when Sure fills his HUGE mug full of coffee and wickedly take a sip at it.

Now that, I made this decision, in a day I recieve atleast 5 invites to have coffee and I had to sit and grind my teeth, while my friends have coffee.  I suffer the most when I get an attack of migraine.  Yesterday, I had one and that's when I was caught with a cup of hot Chocolate in my hand.

I hate the mornings, when I brush my teeth and my tongue screams and demands for a cup of coffee. It feels like a mug of coffee with no foam, It feels like coffee without sugar, It feels like coffee with out milk and cream, It feels like the morning with out the sound of coffee brewing in my coffee maker, It feels like waking up without the smell of coffee hitting my nose. It's feels like a crucial word missing in a sentence.

So, Friends try to be compassionate, when you find me with a cup of chocolate or a cup of milk.

I planned to take this a step further and decided to write this post. My own way of announcing to this world that I'm quitting coffee.  If you still find me with a cup of coffee in my hand, you are free to call me foul names or you can grab the cup and shove it on my face, or you can drink the coffee yourself or you can leave me alone with my cuppa.

Thanks for the read!

Moral: Don't announce that you are quitting coffee. Try to keep it within yourself. That way if you are caught with an odd cup, people won't raise their eyebrows at you.


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Opaque said...

Well, I am sure they are simply teasing you. Nevertheless, it would be good if they were supportive. It is hard for people to understand the "bads" of caffeine. However, I do. And, it is healthy! I have not had cup since almost a year now. And, although the beginning was harsh, it is all fine now.

Viji said...

Thanks for that comment, Ajey. I am getting confident every hour that I will be able to do it. But there are times I weaken too :(
Will know in a week's time whether I am a success.

Krishnan said...

Viji, I too made a similar resolution sometimes back(both coffee and tea), but the separation was bit tough for me to bear and after a few days I got remarried to her.

I am mulling over a separation after reading your post.

Viji said...

@krish The history goes like this... I had never touched coffee, till I got married. My husband's family were ardent devotees of coffee. My mom-in-law used to take pride at the way, she brewed coffee and as their "kudumba kuthu villaku", I had to follow their tradition :) That's how it started... my relationship with the tanned, rich in taste coffee;) SIGH! after 15 years of successful relationship, I am finding it difficult to severe it... Good luck to me!

Unknown said...

How about a coffee today at 5? he he ;)

Viji said...

kiran u are a devil.

Hari said...


17 - This is not only the number of trials of M.Ghajini, but also the number of times you have used the word 'coffee' in your article. So, be sure you will get back to "it" within a week! Probably, as you read this, you might already have had a cup of "it".

We can try a hybrid strategy -SuperStar's way in the film 'Arunachalam' combined with the plan of Munnabhai in his second avatar.

One by one (starting with me, as I gave the idea!!), let us keep a mug full of coffee on your table. I hope Kiran would be second...

Viji said...

hey hari... it's already a week and I had not touched that "sin" drink... I AM STAYING AWAY!!! Got it! try keepin a cup of coffee, I won't touch it and it will grow cold. i wont touch it i repeat..

Unknown said...

Why do you need to quit it at all, may be limit it to one or two cups a day and whenever else try Green tea. Works for me :)

Viji said...

Thanks Srikanth for dropping in... nah! i am determined to stay and nothing can tempt me towards it again. green tea :( i should say it is not my favorite.

"kudumba kuthu villaku", now that u have decided to stay out of that. Atleast pass on ur skills to me.. so that i bear your torch from now on--:)

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