18 refusals, still I crave!

Thursday, September 30, 2010 , 5 Comments

Today for 18th time, I asked for something and was refused... Don't ask me, what I asked for and what was refused or who refused it?

But it was fun to ask for this thing for 18 times and it was fun when I was refused... we laughed a lot, joked about it and still I am smiling...

What do I see, when I see the number 18? A sexy number, 1 looks like a proud man standing straight, while 8 is feminine and full of curves.. 18 looks like a happy couple standing close by...

Feel like singing...

Was refused for the 18th time,
Did I slump or faint on the ground?
I would rather sing a song,
18 is fun, but that isn't all..

Will start to count my way towards 19,
20, 21! yet I climb...
Will jump, scream and stamp down,
Would want to dance and waltz around.

I don't mind, if refused for a 100,
Would still feel happy and try another 100..
Given a thousand refusals, would still be counted...
Most importantly we are connected...

There are numbers from 1 to a million
There are words from 1 to a million,
Its an art, when I was refused,
Everytime a new word was used...

Was refused for the 18th time,
Did I slump or hit the ground?
I would rather sing a song,
18 is fun, but that isn't all..

I am not confused, I am sane,
I craved something and counted the "Nos"
Still I wouldn't shy away asking for a score,
Will wait for another 100 or more;

Toast to a cheesy 18... 
If people still ponder,
I can't help but say,
18 refusals, still I crave!


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Unknown said...

this is cute! sweet funny, the write, awesome the poet's mind! :)

Unknown said...

all the best to reach 10000...Whatever it was...whoever it was.. :)

Viji said...

@rina thanks sis :)
@blacksnow thanks for the wishes!

what's that babe, u wished and u didnt get..

Tell me, I will refuse the 19th time for u.
Coz 19th isnt lucky for you,
So lets make the list to --

Well written piece Vij.

Or lets consult numerologist and decide which is lucky and then make it...

Viji said...

19th attempt was lucky devs. I got it the 19th time :D my sweetheart! he granted my wish the 19th time. Love him loads...

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