Scene 1

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Venue: A lavishly decorated wedding hall in heart of Chennai.

Scene: 1 (Wedding Hall)

Aunt to the Florist: Hey flowerman! what are you trying to do? We don't use artificial flowers for weddings.

Florist (cursing): Am not flowerman! I am a florist and one among the top 3 florists in Chennai. These flowers are called Gardenia and I had specially flown it from West Indies for this wedding.

Aunt: Who is willing to hear, what I say.  The days are gone when people paid heed to what I said. It's not auspicious to keep these flowers. Only Jasmine, lilies and mehendi flowers where used on those days.. When I got married, it was like yesterday, the whole dias was filled with Jasmine and Mehendi flowers and filled with their wonderful perfume.. Sigh!

Florist: (Softening, with a smile): Grandma! How old where you then?

Steve seen clicking photographs...

Aunt: Don't call me grandma.. I am Aunty to you and everyone here. I don't remember, I was barely 5 or 6 years old. It was all like a dream!

Florist: But, you said you remembered as if it was yesterday!?!

Aunt: Will you mind your bloody business? Don't try to act smart...

Florist: If only you allow me to go with my business... Sigh!

Aunt moves away...


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