Scene 2

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Scene: 2 (Kitchen)

Chef Viswanatha Iyer, talking to his team.

Chef: Listen! Check the crowd first. If it is less, be generous while you serve them.  If the crowd is more, keep a hot pan of water always ready, pour the water wherever you can but don't forget to add the spices, that way it won't show. Have an eye on the people sitting for food, attend to the most demanding lots first and flatter them nicely.  People who are docile are the easiest people to handle, you can skip a delicacy or two, they will be too shy to ask.  Even if you hear them asking for the second helping, walk as if you didn't hear them.
I should leave now to give instructions for 3 more weddings and I am always available in my cell phone, call me if you need anything.

Aunt: Iyer vaal... been long time since I saw you....

Chef: Please come! Please come! Aunty... But you still look the same. First time, I saw you in Ambi's wedding, it would have been almost 30 years now? You look just the same.  Why don't you taste this Mysurpa and tell me how it is? Anyhow, I can never compete with you when it comes to Mysurpa.

Aunt: (Pleased, even without tasting) Delicious!

Aside: If only, I had not forgotten my dentures. You are the best of the lot! How can I forget, your dad cooked for my wedding.  The milk paayasam (kheer) he made, was the talk of the town for years!

Chef (murmured to his assistant):  Attend to this old woman first.  If you keep her mouth stuffed, she would not create trouble and don't forget to add two aunties in every sentence.

Chef(smiling): Fine Aunty, I will take leave now.  Will be back in a jiffy, Aunty. Bless me!

Aunt: My blessings always there for you son! how is your wife and kids?

Chef: Aunty, I think you are trying to joke, I know with that elephant's memory of yours, no chance that you would have forgotten this! You know I am a bachelor. You naughty aunty! still pulling my legs...(Guffaw)

Aunt: I thought you would have got married, as it was almost 10 years, since I last met you.

Chef: Without inviting you? No way! Ok! will catch up with you in half an hour's time aunty.. Feel free to ask for anything you want.. Subbu here will always be at your service. (Left... winking at Subbu)

Steve seen clicking photographs...


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