Scene 3

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Scene: 3 (Bridegroom's room)

Sidd: (Talking to his friends)

Friend1: Hey! not fair Sidd.. what happened to the bachelor party, machi(brother-in-law, an endearment to a friend)! you promised but never gave one!

Best man: Don't worry man! I've arranged for everything.  We are going to have a gala night! Guess what? Not just liquour party... arranged something something too...

Aunt: What party?

Sidd: (smiling): Bachelor party for my friends, aunty.. tonight... They are important to me, without them I can't even imagine my wedding...

Aunt: Oh! ok ok... make it early, I would definitely want to be there.
(Wolf whistle)

Bestman: You too! grandma.... he he... we are game... what do you say, Sidd?

Sidd: Shut up! (gnarling)... Aunty is everything here and I don't want her to stay up late tonight, tomorrow the wedding can happen with out me, but definitley not with out aunty. She needs her beauty sleep! Aunty, I have bought you a new Kancheepuram Sari, see if you like that colour. I got it specially made for you.
Aunt: (grinning) I know you want to get rid of me... You are not doing anything new which our Thyagaraja Bhagavadhar didn't do those days...

Steve seen clicking photographs

Aunt left the room singing, "Manmadha leelaiyay vendrar undo?" (which means, who can stand against the omnipotent Cupid)

Collective sigh heard.

Sidd: Steve, where are you leaving now? be with us.

Steve: I want to take lots of pictures, to show to people of my country... I am amazed at the way the weddings happen here. I just can't wait, impatient for more photographs...

Left clicking and more clicking....


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