Scene 4

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Scene: 4 (Bride's room)

Swetha:  I kept it here only... I swear!

Geetha: Then how did it vanish? Did it fly?

Swetha: Mom, please don't be harsh with me! Do you think, I will do it wantedly?

Mohan: What's this ruckus all about?

Swetha: Dad, I kept my jewellery set, I am supposed to wear that tonight for reception and it's missing.

Mohan: Don't give me such shocks... As your mom rightly said you are careless... How careless of you to handle gold this way.

Swetha: (Smiling) Dad! it's not gold, it's artificial.

Mohan: Thank god! then leave it. Wear the Ruby set I gave you.

Swetha: Love you dad! and I don't love the woman you married (lips compressed), she is always trying to find fault in me.

Mohan: Geetha, don't be this strict to our child.  She is getting married and leaving to her in-laws place.
(left wiping his eyes)

Geetha: You are this spoilt because of your dad. If you behave in such an irresponsible way when you go to your husband's place, then they will blame me only, not you or your dad.  Please try to act your age, Swetha...


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