Scene 5

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Scene: 5 (Terrace)

Praveen: Harini, look at me, don't feel shy.. I said what I wanted to tell you, since the first day I laid my eyes on you.

Harini: (Lowering her head and shifting her legs) I don't know to say.  I don't know you much. How will I know, if you are telling the truth?

Praveen: (flushed face) You don't trust me? When did i lie? Do you think, I lied to you, when I told you that, I've never seen a beautiful woman like you?  Do you think, I lied when I said that even Aishwarya, can't hold a torch to you. If you think, I still lie then open this gift packet and you will know the truth.

It was because of you, I agreed for my Sis's wedding with your Bro. Swetha wouldn't have given her consent, if I did not agree.  I saw you and there was this strange music in me and said Yes.  With out you this wedding would have just been a dream....

Steve seen clicking photographs...

Harini, by now convinced that Praveen loves her, opens the gift box to find a beautiful necklace set with earrings and bangles...

Her eyes shining, with unshed tears, rushes to Praveen and hugs him.
Praveen taken aback for a second, wanted to pat his back and shout "Whoa! dude great job!"

Praveen: (Eyes soft) Anything for you, Baby! I love you, more than... more than...

Harini: (Suspicious) More than?

Praveen: (sucking air) More than Adam for Eve.. God created you from my ribs and I found my missing other half in you.

Harini: (Impressed) closed her eyes and smiled.

Aunt enters:
Started to sing Oh! little flower....

Embarrased, they part hurriedly, Praveen promising her that he would text her.


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