Scene 6

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Scene 6: Guest room

Venu: Namaskaram Mama... Vaango! Vaango! ( Greetings uncle! please come! please come!)

Sripriya: Vaango Maami... Vaango! Vaango!  (Greetings Aunty! please come! pleae come!)

(In Tamil Brahmin community, everyone is addressed as Uncle and Aunt, the criterion is that they should be 40+ or they should have been married)

Venu (Adressing everyone) : Please consider this as your kids wedding and feel at home.  Please feel free to have food and even carry some home the delicacies, we have arranged especially for you all.  You will have to make this wedding a success, with out your august presence, this wedding can never happen...

Steve seen clicking photographs

Sripriya: If you need something, please let me know, we will arrange it for you.  We want all of you to be happy.

Aunt: Priya, your daughter is getting married and you are chit chatting here.  Should you not spin like a top and be everywhere? At this age, I am so active... Look at you! the way you guys walk, looks like you have come to attend a wedding and not to host it.  Venu, ask Sidd to get ready for the reception.

Venu and Sripriya rushes out...


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