Scene 7

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Scene 7: Reception hall

Sidd and Swetha stood at the dias. Swetha in a lehenga and Sidd in a Sherwani. Geetha, Mohan and Praveen stood next to Swetha and Venu, Sripirya and Harini, stood next to Sidd. Praveen making Cow eyes at Harini and Harini all the time trying to stiffle a giggle.

Steve seen clicking photographs...

The centre dias was occupied the great musician Kadri, who started to play Sax and there were varied expression on people's face. Some of them closed their eyes and waved their hands, while others, swayed their bodies and few others clapped their hand and few others trying to count something.  This lasted for the first 15 mts and gradually chairs were dragged and people started to warm up and chit chatted, laughing and commenting on Swetha's Ruby necklace and Sidd's diamond ring.

People were curious about Steve and were very helpful when he wanted a piece of info.  For example when Steve wanted to know, why women wear Sari and Men dothi, they put him out of his misery by stating that millions of years ago, there were no tailors and they had to wear whatever weaved. Men could cover themselves with just 4 yards, while women needed extra 5 yards to cover themselves. Steve satisfied with the answer went, only to comeback asking why they still wear such dresses, while there are tailors who can stitch. He was told not to poke his nose in things he does not have great knowledge about. Khajuraho sculptures came to his mind, but he knew better and walked away silently.

People rushed to have dinner and back to chat and finally the day came to an end and everyone retires...

Swetha: Tomorrow is another day!
Sidd: (smiling to himself) Going to be a long night!

Swetha blushed...
Friends hooted...


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Unknown said...

likin it...waitin to see how it ends..can identify some of the characters though

Viji said...

Thanks Manoj! writing as it comes!

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