Scene 8

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Scene: 8

Location: Penthouse apartment facing the sea

Sidd, dressed rather under dressed, eyes full of dreams and expectations, headed to his stag party.  His only thoughts were on booze and "something something", fun and frolic with this friends.

Sidd parked his car under a tree and hurried towards the lift of one of the premium apartments in Chennai. The party was arranged in a penthouse apartment of his friend's friend, facing the sea.  It was a beautiful night full of stars and Sidd shivered as the breeze was little cold.  He looked at the sky, filled with Stars and he remembered the last scene of Titanic... He shook his head, wondering why was he remembering a tragic moment, when exciting things await him.

Sidd enters the apartment.

Rings the bell...

The door opened and with a readymade smile, Sidd stepped in....

One moment he was standing the next he was lying on the floor and on top of him was a woman clad in a designer saree, kissing his neck... Sidd froze and tried to shift himself, to have a better look at the girl, but the room was semi dark and the expensive french perfume incensed him and for once he was speechless.

Sidd closed his eyes and opened it again to be blinded by powerful beam of light...

Sidd: Damn! the light hurts... switch it off, you idiots!!! Let me enjoy the moment....

Chorus: Enjoy Machi! Enjoy! But open your eyes, see the figure(woman) and you will enjoy more...

Sidd opened his eyes to find the woman on top of him was clean shaved and none other than the best man of the wedding.

He cursed and hit his friend amidst laughter and teasings... then the usual tradition of boozing, teasing and pranks continued and they slept.

Sidd woke up with a throbbing head.  He drank water and stood at the terrace and thought about the evening. Swetha's face kept coming to his mind and he was not very happy at the way he behaved during the party.

He recalled her blushing, when he said, "It's going to be a long night!"...

Sidd: (to himself) My Swetha is sweet and there I was thinking about another woman and she was thinking about me..

He leaves the apartment and rushed to the wedding venue.

He stopped near Swetha's room and blew a kiss through the closed door and went to his room.

It was four in the morning, when he finally slept.


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Harsha said...

great so far.. waiting to read more..

i have read till this, lets see how the story unfolds

i couldnt stop reading, so i didnt comment in each post..

I will continue tommorow. Till now, typical brahmin wedding..

so far so good. lets see how the story unfolds

Viji said...

thanks devs...
@everyone I had lots of comments offline...
Thanks for all the comments and I will try to make it as interesting as possible.

Viji said...

Thanks Harsha :)

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