Scene 9

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Scene: 9 Bridegroom's bathroom


"Sita Kalyana Vaibhogame
Rama Kalyana Vaibhogame

Pavanaja Stuti Patra Pavana Caritra
Ravi Soma Vara Netra Ramaniya Gatra

Bhakta Jana Paripala Bharita Zara Jala
Bhukti Mukti-Da Lila Bhu-Deva Pala

Sita Kalyana Vaibhogame
Rama Kalyana Vaibhogame"

Sidd woke up to find, 5 to 6 middle aged woman standing in a semi circle ?singing "Sita Kalyanam"...It was like 100 scorpion stinging at a same time... It was like 30 little elves hitting his head from inside with their hammers.  He held his head and one of the aunties pulled his hand, saying that he should not hold his head on an auspicious day.

Sidd sat up with a start.

Sidd: I am getting married today.
Aunt: What happened, Siddarth? you thought it was a dream... common! get up, we need to put "Nalangu"( a ritual, where vermillion and turmeric is applied for the groom/bride on their legs and gingelly oil applied on their hair and take them to the bathroom to give a bath.)
After Nalangu...
Sidd: Where the hell are you guys coming now! Move away! I need to take bath...
Aunt: What? We need to give bath to you... Purohit is waiting inside the bathroom.
Sidd: Purohit?? I will wait... Let him take bath and come.
Aunt: No..No! he is waiting to do some rituals there in the bathroom, he had done special pooja for a pitcher of water and is waiting for you to give you the holy bath..
Sidd: (Aside) Crazy lot!
Sidd: Ok! Am coming...

Sidd was dragged to the bathroom and got more shocked to see Purohit Viswanatha Iyer and 4 of his disciples chanting vedas and Steve with his camera, waiting to capture the moment. His mom and dad were also standing there.

Aunt: Priya! you have to invite Geetha and Venu, tell them that the boy is taking bath... and girls be ready to sing "Gowri kalyanam"...

There was lots of commotion outside and the video cameraman and the photographer came in and went inside the bathroom.  Sidd was speechless and he stood like a statue. He blinked, not knowing why so many people were standing there inside the bathroom and how he was supposed to take the bath with so many people standing inside.

Viswanatha Iyer: Hurry up! the auspicious time is nearing to take bath.

Sidd entered the bathroom and he was made to sit on a chair and there was one disciple, who tried to snatch Sidd's dhothi.

Sidd: (holding on to the Dhothi) shouted, "What you guys are trying to do? Have you planned to humiliate me? leave me alone, please!

Iyer: Siddartha, this is a special day in your life and it is not going to come again.  Enjoy the day and follow the rituals, it is all for you good only.

Chorus: Sidd, listen to what Iyer says.

Sidd sat there, helplessely when the last vestige of his pride was removed and he sat there like a child on his first day of school.  Camera's clicked and videos witnessed the event.

It was at the moment, Sidd let out a curse"what the f ?" when the pitcher of ice cold water was downed on his head... He was speechless with rage and couldn't do a thing about it. He got and sat immediately realising he was almost naked except for a drenched loin cloth and a dozen woman and dozen men staring at him.  He flushed and could hear his friends laughing outside the door.


Gouree kalyaaNa vaibogamae (gouree)
Vasudeva thavabaala asura kulakala
Sasivadana rukmani sathyabhama lola(gouree)
Kothodu vaazhaimaram kondu vandu niruthi
Amman koppudaiya panthalukku mael kattu katii(gouree)

Now Sidd was dragged to the adjacent room to dress..

Iyer: Sidd, remove the wet dhothi.  I will tie you the new one.

Sidd: (knowing it was meaningless to argue did what was told) Ok...

After 30  minutes, Sidd was ready.  He wore a silk Dhothi and his upper part of the body was left bare and ashes adorned his face, neck, shoulders and hands.  A new sacred thread adorned his chest.. Sidd wished that he had gone to a gym.

Steve, pushed everyone and clicked photographs... He felt overdressed among the priests and males guests present there.

Steve: (Aside) No wonder, these people are tanned!


Some say he’s half man half fish, others say he’s more of a seventy/thirty split. Either way he’s a fishy bastard. Google

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Priya... said...

Good going viji... waiting to know more about the brahim rituals...! :)

hee hee. In ours, we come to the dias for nalangu, same oil and tumeric is applied.

Viji said...

@pri y sudden interest in brahmin wedding. I want to add no more strip scenes
@ devs u guys r saved.

Priya... said...

@viji : I haven't attend any brahmin wedding till date, so interested in knowing more on their rituals. ;)

Viji said...

@ ok ok :)

Harsha said...

What the hell?? Nobody told me anything of such events?? is it really true or just for the sake of story??

if so, then i am eloping.. :-|

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