Scene 10

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Scene - 10
Location: At the entrance of the wedding choultry

Sidd walked fast, with a small bag in his hand and reached the entrance of the wedding hall.. People were seen running behind him...Praveen holds an umbrella for Sidd.
Mohan: Please Sidd! Wait!
Sidd:  Leave me alone! I wanna leave... I just realised, I don't want to get married....
Mohan: Please, Son! listen to me...
Sidd: No! I have decided.. I am not listening to anyone.
Praveen: Sidd! I beg you!
Sidd: Praveen! excuse me.... From being Brahmachari(bachelor), I realised I want to become a Ascetic (Saint). I don't want to enter in to Grihasta (Married man)
Steve: (Panting)What is happening, why is Sidd running with slippers, umbrella, fan and Staff?
Iyer: Mr. Steve, it is a ritual...Now, Mohan Iyer vaal say this to Mapilai(Bridegroom)
Iyer: Repeat after me, Mohan...
Mohan: Tell me.
Iyer: Mapilai
Mohan: Mapilai
Iyer: Every man has to undergo 4 types in life... Bala(kid), Brahmacharya(bachleor), Gruhastha(married), Barnyasya (living a simple life along with wife in a forest) ...
Mohan: "Every man has to undergo 4 types in life... Bala, Brahmacharya, Gruhastha, Barnyasya"
Iyer: Married life is far superior than the Ascetic life. You will get hundred good sons and daughters to right this world..  
Mohan: "Married life is far superior than the Ascetic life. You will get hundred good sons and daughters to right this world.."
Friends Chorus: Sidd! Wow! double century or triple?
Sidd: (Blushing): Keep quiet...
Steve to friends: What is happening?
Friend: Sidd is planning to have 100 good sons and daughters...
Steve: What?? Hundred? (Calculating) He should plan for twins or quadraplets then.. (smiling to himself) Now I know the secret behind India's population..
Sidd: Ok Ok! stop it...
Iyer: Now, Sidd... Say "fine uncle"
Sidd: Fine Uncle...
Iyer: Now both side uncles come here... get the bride come to the entrance...
Uncles come forward...bride came to the entrance... Swetha looked like an angel, she was wearing a beautiful golden and red sari. Sidd couldn't take his eyes off Swetha.. Swetha looked at Sidd and she smiled. Sidd fell in love then.
Iyer: Here both of you hold two garlands each and now three times you should exchange the garlands...Swetha's uncle you carry Swetha on your shoulder. Sidd's uncle, you carry Sidd on your shoulder. Sidd's uncle tried but he couldn't, while Swetha's uncle carried her...
Praveen and Harini stood eyeing each other, in their minds another day and they both standing in the place of Sidd and Swetha...

Women folks started to sing:

Maalai saathinaL kothai maalai maatrinaaL
maaladaindu madilarangal maalai avarthan maarpilae
maiyalai thaiyalaL maamalar karaththinaaL...poo..(maalai)

Rangaraajanai anbar thanga nesanai
Aasi kooRi boosarargal pesi mikka vaazhthida
Anbudan inbamaai AanDaL karaththinaL..poo..(maalai)

and the nadhaswaram party joined the song... When Sidd rushed to garland Swetha, Swetha's uncle went back and everyone started to laugh...when Swetha rushed to Garland Sidd, Sidds friend's pulled him back... Sidd ran, jumped and garlanded Swetha and Swetha's uncle here and there and everyone laughed and looked happy...
Steve: What's the meaning for all this?
Iyer: This is like an ice breaking session in arranged marriage. The exchange of garlands symbolizes their unification, as one soul in two bodies.
Steve nodded, it was beyond him...


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you shud have left him go, poor fellow he wud have been saved from the cluthes of marriage..

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I bet its Mr. Devasena talking. What to do, it happened for you, it happened for Sure and it happened for Sidd. Who can change the destiny? Thanks for dropping in :)

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