Third day

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When Abhi looked at the time it was 11.30 AM.  He kicked himself for doing what he did to Kavya. He was staring at the entrance and saw the usual shuttle entering the office doors. People got down and walked towards the office.

His eyes narrowed, when he saw a girl walking towards the office. "Is she new to office? I've never seen her before..." he thought.  The tall girl looked stunning.  He couldn't take her eyes off her.

He rushed to the elevator, went down and walked towards the lobby and found the girl sitting there as he expected.  He picked a newspaper and pretended reading it, while his eyes looking sideways and scanning the girl's look.  He saw the HR person approaching the girl and took her inside the office.  As he guessed the girl should be a new employee joining today.

He pretended to read 2 more pages, when he saw the boy's photograph in obituary column. His eyes clouded and his mind went back to Kavya. He felt sorry for her.

Kavya, her eyes swollen, was staring at the ceiling fan and she couldn't believe she killed a child.  Wish she had the courage to kill herself.  She didn't want to live either.  She expected the police to arrest her any moment.  She was terribly scared about it and looked at the side table which had a kitchen knife and three strips of sleeping pills. But she didn't have the courage to pick or use them.  She told herself, "I didn't want to add more troubles to Sam's life.  He had enough by getting married to me."  

She thought of all the troubles they had faced in all these eight years.

Their wedding to start with, when she was not able to conceive a child, the check up with the gynecologist and the result was not in her favour.  She was shattered when she knew that she had some medical issues in conceiving a child.  He was there every moment with her.  

But Kavya realised today that she was the one who grew distant and moved away from him.

Sam after spending the whole night at the hospital, with the boy's parents came home to find Kavya huddled on the bed and swaying to and fro. He knew that she was frightened.  But he knew that it was time to break the news to her.  After giving her some dinner he gently told her about the boy's death and she went still and then wild, started to curse herself.

He called the doctor and after a shot of sedative she started to sleep.  Sam couldn't sleep, he was not sure what would be the next action from the boy's side.  "Would they take action against Kavya? if so how can I protect Kavya from all this?" His body went cold with fear when he thought about Kavya getting arrested. "I won't let that happen," he told himself and slowly dialed the boy's father number.  His hands shook as he dialed, he didn't know what to tell the grieving dad but he had to make sure that there is no case against Kavya.

- to be continued


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