Night that followed the third day

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Abhi asked himself again as the 3 days he gave for himself was about to end.

The other day when he kissed Kavya, she stopped him when he lost control.  He was grateful for that.  What if something happened between them.  He shuddered at the thought.  He suddenly realised he was 5 years younger to her.

Am I in love with Kavya? (The face of the new girl who joined his office that day came before him and he hurriedly pushed this question to the back of his mind)
"I like her a lot.  She is a damn good friend of mine. I don't want to lose her friendship ever." 
If I quit the job this moment and leave the city and severe all the connections with her, will I miss her?
"No! true friendship doesn't mind distances... missing each other can never happen in friendship... we will always keep in touch"

Even if she is willing to marry me, can I convince my parents and get married to a divorced woman and never regret the decision?
This question does not arise.
There was only thing in Sam's mind during the whole day and it was to save Kavya from the rude reality.  He didn't bother about himself.  He went to the hospital and saw the boy's parents sobbing uncontrollably.  They were taking the boy home.  Sam slowly went and stood before them with folded hands.  He couldn't speak.
The boy's mom hurled words at him and started to curse.  Sam stood there and listened to every word lashing at him.  He didn't flinch.  After 15 mts of abuse, she started to cry again.  Sam looked at Sanjay's dad and told him, "God didn't bless me with a child.  But I can understand your mysery coz, I know how my mom and dad used to fret when I had a small headache... Sir, please tell me whatever you want. I know I can't give back your son but I will be a son to you and carry out all your wishes and will take care of you both till my last days.  You might think, I am saying all this to save my wife.  That's true in a way.  I was about to divorce her.  But I now realise, I love her more than anything else in this world.   She is suffering, she is down with guilt and she had not come out of the room since yesterday.  I know only time can heal her.  And, I doubt if time can heal your tragedy."
The boy's dad looked at Sam told him,  "You can leave now.  Tell your wife she is free to make more accidents, for all I care.  The only reason, I am not going to the police station to open the case again coz nothing is going to bring my son back. I don't need any favour from you. Earlier I accepted your help as I was not rich and I was doubtful if I'd be able to give the best treatment to Sanjay.  Now nothing remains to be done. My wife need not get up early in the morning to prepare breakfast, she need not stay awake during nights to prepare midnight snacks and tea, no exam pressure, nothing.... nothing at all. We will spend the remaining days thinking about our son and will look forward to the day we will get united with him in heaven." Saying that he started to cry and Sam couldn't stop tears from his eyes.  Whether they needed him or not, he was there with them the whole day... It was almost 2 in the afternoon and he realised that Kavya is alone at home.  He called Sheela and gave her the news and asked her to be with Kavya till he comes back home.
Sheela knocked the door and found it open.  She couldn't find Kavya in the bedroom or living room.  She called out her name and heard a feeble moan coming from inside the bathroom.  Sheela rushed inside the bathroom to find Kavya lying down on a pool of blood.
Sheela called Ambulance and then called Sam.  Sam rushed to the hospital to find Kavya in the operation theatre getting operated.  Kavya's dad and mom where there and they signed the consent form as it was an emergency surgery and they couldn't wait for him.  That was a deep slit in her wrists and doctors were trying hard to extract the broken glass pieces from her wrists.  It was around 6 PM the doctor told Sam that Kavya is safe and he can just see her for a minute.  Sam went in, looked at her and there was only one question in his mind, "Why Kavya?"
He was scared to step inside his house.  He automatically straightened everything and finally gathered the courage and stepped inside the bathroom.  The huge mirror was broken and everywhere there was blood stains....
He came to the living room and sat on the sofa and it was then he noticed a stick pad stuck on the tea table, in Kavya's hand writing dated the day before... it read "Sam! you deserve a better wife, a wife who can carry your child and who can make you happy... I will somehow will make this happen, but the sight of knife or sleeping pills gives me a scare :) ... But I will somehow gain courage and will make this happen..."
"Why the hell, didn't I read this yesterday? How did she gain the courage? He knew the answer himself... the boy's death....
"I love you Kavya", he shouted but the strong sea breeze didn't carry those words to his wife... She turned and asked, "Sammy did you say something?"
"Yepp! the sea is blue and so are you... blue becomes you! and did I ever tell you that I love you?"
"Yeah! only 14 times today." she said laughing. "Samuel Livingston... I wanna be your daughter during my next birth... I wanna be your wife, your mom, your dad, your sister... I want to be everything to you... I can never love you enough... Yeah! I know I am greedy". 
"Oh! drat Christians don't believe in rebirth... Maybe you will not be a Christian during your next birth..." Kavya started to giggle... 


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Unknown said...

Now this is an ending that i love...Have to be honest with you. felt that you are going offtrack interim but you managed to save the day and ended this beautifully..a couple of spelling mistakes but there is no mistake in the content as such...lovely

Viji said...

Thanks Manoj :)You made my day :)
mistakes..will correct them.

i'm missing ur blog. Not able to read ur blog continously,.

I'm going to read one post at a time. I'm so much back, missed so many posts. Now one at a time, going to read.

These two are keeping me round the clock busy and sleepless.


Viji said...

Hi Devs.... hugs! missing you in my blog... take your time and read... ha ha... happy to hear your twins are keeping you busy... mwah to them :)

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