Why should I vote?

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Tamil Nadu Assembly Election - 2011

"Should I vote? All the political parties are corrupted, I am planning to skip voting this time." We hear these lines every election and grumbling we go and vote in the scorching sun.

First time in Tamil Nadu 75-80% of voters exercised their franchise in the TN Assembly elections.  Chennai recorded 66%.

Two political parties always dominated Tamil Nadu assembly.  It's either one of the these parties that rule.  Both of them are close competitors when it comes to corruption, bribes, scams... the only choice we were left for is which bad is better bad... To identify the better bad, we start to scan the last 10 years.  This job was easy for us, as both the parties and their aligned parties own TV channels which continuously played and replayed each other corruptions. 

The scholars and well educated side carefully chose the candidates who has good education, morale and goals.  While others measured their side by checking on which film star does the campaigning and who gives them money or freebies to vote.

The ruling party, has loads of money to spend as they recently pocketed millions and millions in a scam, while the opposition party believing that they would win the election, promise freebies that will be delivered if they win this time.

We are caught in a maze here,  I had my doubt on which party to vote, there was one particular guy whom I wanted to vote, "do it" types and stood as an independent candidate.  But when I thought about it little loud, I found out that voting him may not be the correct thing, as I want the current government to be out of power.  

Every night at 10 PM in the night the power will go for 15 mts in our area and I knew what was happening at this time.  Whenever I saw 10 ambulances and police vans screaming its head off, I have an idea what's happening and I wanted to put an end to it.  The final thing that made up my mind was when our neighbor shouted at a party person for forcing money in his hand.  He yelled asking the party worker to get out of his house. 

The only sensible thing to do is vote the opposition party, because the opposition party leader had some guts and did few good things... rain water harvesting, against govt employees strikes, .  But still not convinced and what's the guarantee that they would not become like the current ones and again her attitude, not a seasoned politician...

So, why should I vote?

To speak my mind, to stop something that's unjust, to start something new (in the belief it will be better than what exists now) , for my community and for my child, for my Country to develop, to prove that still some democracy is left.

What do I want?

I want my country, free of corruptions, nothing should be free,  people should earn enough money to pay for things they want, strict leaders who can exercise discipline and make India a cleaner, greener, richer country.

Life saving medicines and surgeries should be available for everyone and quality care should be extended in the Government hospitals.  I had seen a case, where the people in mortuary refused to give the diseased body, till the kin paid some money, the family fumbling for cash to pay.

I want my country where there is no black market, no smuggled goods, no video piracy, no groceries black marketed from the fair price shops (ration shop) and sold in higher rates.  I don't want to see the Chief Minister's photograph on top of even pepper and cardamom packet distributed in the ration shop. Dammit! we pay for it and you are not giving it for free and even if its distributed for free, it's not your money.  I don't want to see every movie being released is marketed, produced and distributed by one or other member of the CM's family.

I don't want Anna Hazare to fast unto death for everything.  And let's not start a committee that tend to  drag for years.  

Please dear politicians let us not beg, let's have a corruption free India!

Still having the confidence and belief, I set to vote under merciless sun minus shades, water, fans and dim lit polling centers cobwebs and bats hanging above our heads, senior citizens rushing past in gatherings (my mom and her friends inclusive, no separate counters for them) I voted after 2 hours wait.  Don't ask me if I'm happy to cast my vote... It happens! No happy faces!  

My mind clouded with doubts still not convinced, I headed home.  One more month to know the results... anything can happen, the EVM can get corrupted, the danger of tampering, yet we optimist folks wait patiently...


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