hold my hands little tighter!

Saturday, May 14, 2011 , 8 Comments

Holding your hands,
Trying not to walk away,
Loving you, heart craving for you to stay
I wouldn't dream to let go of your hands.

Whenever I feel little distance between us
I rush to stand next to your side.
Hate even an inch that parts you and me
I will hold your hands, refusing to free.

When we grow old and our steps falter
When our energy drop and make us weaker
I will refuse to move from your side and
Would still want you to hold me tight.

I am not tired to say for thousandth time that"I love you" and would love to be with you ever...Hold my hands little tighter.


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Asha Sundar said...

WoW wonderful lines viji. I liked it very much.

Viji said...

Thanks Asha :) my favourite lines too

A Blip said...

I have no words to say.. Wow! Simply Superb!

Viji said...

Thanks kiruthika... happy that you liked it!

beautiful lines, love in old age

Viji said...

thanks devs :)

Unknown said...

Wow.. Sooooo Nice Viji...

Unknown said...

Sooooooooper Viji...

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