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Friday, August 12, 2011 6 Comments

Small photographs revolving round in circles and you can drag and drop and keep playing until you get bored...

So, this plus concept drove me crazy... I had to wait for almost 2 weeks before I got permitted to enter google plus and this I slightly took as a personal insult.. After getting the access, I couldn't stop but spend one whole night exploring google+ and should say felt excited about the circle concept.

And saw lots of duplication of messages, for example few of my friends started posting the same comments, videos, quips in FB, Twitter and G+ 

It was funny to see that and probably they thought that "sharing is caring", but it went beyond and became "boring"

There were CD like circles neatly arranged and on the disc you can place your friends photographs and you can have as many circle as you want... that's the only thing I found exciting about G+...

Name the circles, whichever way you want.... it can be like:
  1. Dog walkers - your co morning Dog walkers
  2. Plague - Keep away from me
  3. Sweet hearts - school, college, workplace
  4. Bosses - Keep away.. don't include under any list names
  5. Beware - People who know me, more than me
  6. Strangers - Why did I even add them?
  7. Emotional vampires - people who for every compliment expects two
  8. Family - tread carefully, guaranteed no fun
  9. Friends - who tag you in every photo and gives you lots of free publicity
  10. soul mate - without you, I am useless
The best thing about G+ is privacy and absolutely until and unless you share your posts to someone, they will not be able to read or see it... But, my question is, does people in FB, Twitter of G+ wants privacy?  If they do, then they won't be there in the first place...

On the negative side, anyone can add you in a circle, they don't need your permission to be accepted... it's insane and really puts me off to read a person's status messages or stolen quotes with out due credits... But stay helpless and witness my getting added and had to hide them and their messages... SIGH!

Opinion differs and I find my FB wall more inviting than G+... not sterile, little warm and like a home... For me G+ is kind of stiffling and I log out in max 5 minutes time...

But, I am an optimist and for all we know, when the full product is ready it might become the way we expect...

Waiting and till then will be revolving around in "circles"


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6 Candles:

Hi Viji...Seriously "like" button is missing here/ +plus one...Kudos...n thanks for sharing ur parameters to categorize ppl!! :P

Viji said...

Thanks for your read SundAr :)

Prabodh said...

Good Analysis Viji, will share this post in G+ of sure :)

Viji said...

Thanks Prabodh for the read and passing it on :) ha ha and you put it in G+ itself hope they don't sue or block you, for passing it on...

A Blip said...

So what circle am I in Viji? ;)

Viji said...

@kiruthika Friends thaan vera enna???

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