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Thursday, August 11, 2011 6 Comments

The day dawned, the fated day, when I accepted my friend's invite to accompany her in her visit to EA mall... As usual with a spring in my step headed to meet her at the entrance..

There she was waiting for me and we started browsing shop aftershop... bought a t shirt from tantra for Anirudh and there near escalator, snuggly stood kalista... Kalista means, "the most beautiful", it looked beautiful and inviting and there again silver beckoned me and I dragged the willing Nami inside the shop... it was like indirapuri minus menaka and ramba...There the Indira stood and when he smiled, I knew that I am a woman after all and at the tender age of 40 had the capacity to fall in love all over again...

So the handsome boy with his infectious smile, talked to me non stop, talked about the stones, talked about the silver, talked about the designer, talked probably about his girlfriend too... who cares, I liked the way he spoke, it was like double cheese bursts inside a pizza and it was like sizzling butter paav and bhaji and it was like Anil Kapoor singing

Ho Ek Ladki Ko Dekha To Aisa Laga

Ek Ladki Ko Dekha To Aisa Laga
Jaise Khilta Gulaab
Jaise Shaayar Ka Khwaab
Jaise Ujli Kiran
Jaise Van Mein Hiran
Jaise Chaandni Raat
Jaise Naghme Ki Baat 
Jaise Mandir Mein Ho Ek Jalta Diya

And he sold me a Zircon diamond ear rings and looked at me and asked if I would like to pierce the side of my ears... there at my most weak moment, I said "Yes" and asked him like a stupid fool, "would it hurt?"...

"Only a little, mam, it would hurt little for the next 3 days and you will be as right as a rain in another 3 weeks"... 

It was then I believed in destiny and Nami encouraged me... the guy put a mark on the flawless ears of mine and I checked the mirror and said looks fine..

There he took something like a gun and asked me to choose the ear ring and I chose a magenta stone silver ear ring and the next few minutes the ear ring was shot on my lobes and I bit my lips to stop the scream...

Did I stop after that? No... he spoke to me, "Mam, why don't you buy small earrings to wear on the side of your ears?" 

This time, I heard 

Ennavalae Adi Ennavalae Enthan Ithayathai Tholaithu Vittaen
Entha Idam Athu Tholaintha Idam Antha Idathaiyum Maranthu Vittaen
Unthan Kaalgolusil Athu Tholainthadhenru
Unthan Kaaladi Thaedi Vanthaen
Kaathalenraal Perum Avasthaiyenru
Unai Kandathum Kandu Kondaen
Ènthan Kazhüthü Varai Indrü Kaathal Vanthü
Irü Kanvizhi Pithüngi Ninraen

There after 7 weeks, I still think about him every day, noon, evening and night.. I remember him whenever I shampoo my hair, whenever I wash my face, when i press my face on my pillow, whenever I untangle the hair caught on my ear rings.. I remember him 24X7, his face wreathed with smile, nodding at me, "only for a while mam... see for yourself", It's now over 7 weeks.. "Nami he did say 3 weeks didn't he or was it 9 weeks?, I will be alright, now that I am used to the pain, my lips stretch and eyes squeeze shut anticipating pain, even before I untangle the tangled hair...

Sales guys rock!


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Unknown said...

Possibly the song that went thru his head was " pon magal vandhal porul kodi thanthal "
The salesman isn't to blame. The customer is the king or queen in this case and he just decked her. And you are a glutton for silver

Viji said...

ha ha... good one... good song :) i know i go weak when i see silver, am I to be blamed?

A Blip said...

Btw, looks good on u Viji.. Motham sema sales pola.. :) Next time EA pogum podhu naan careful irundhukaran!

Viji said...

Looks are deceptive Kiruthi.....jakkiradhai...

Opaque said...

Salesmen are trained to catch on the customers' weakness... that is why girls run to male customers and guys to female customers... don't fall to the trap... be alert! there is lot more on stake...

Viji said...

I agree Ajey... will be more careful...

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