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Sunday, October 23, 2011 , 9 Comments

A long pending post...

Who is a blogger?

Someone who blogs about things that interests him.
Someone who writes in an engaging manner.
Someone who entertains.
Someone who doesn't misuse the space given to him and acts responsibly.

I found such a blogger in Vasu.  Vasu co-own a blog with his friend Gokul and their blog is always an object of surprise to me. Our thoughts and also known as  "Kulambiyagam" which I think means "coffee house".. Though I tried reading few random posts of his, I was not able to decipher why he chose this name for his blog.

Most of the posts are in Tamil, written in a lucid style and laced with humour.  A consistent blogger, who doesn't blog for the sake of blogging and contribute a message through every post of his.  A voracious reader, who is not biased and allows himself to learn about different cults, genres and different styles and do not forget to share what he read in his blog with back links and you can be assured that you will be getting something out of his blog, every time you visit his blog.

Its amazing to note such a busy person, who holds a key postion in an IT company updates his blog regularly. Not just one blog but he runs two.  His other blog is on software testing which too is shared with Gokul.  Few of Gokul's post, I had read in kulambiyagam, make me feel Gokul and Vasu can be passed for twins.  Haven't met him yet. Gokul, I would request you to be active too, that way we get to read a lot...

Posts I enjoyed in his blog:

MGR series
2010 - a glimpse
Manmadhan ambu - review
Caste certificates - Marriages in temple
A memorable meeting
Poetry, Mathematics, Computers

They are in Tamil and I request Vasu to write few posts in English too.  That way it will reach a broader audience.  But, I really love the eloquence of his Tamil posts and I don't want to miss them and "உள்ளம் கேக்குமே மோர்"...


Some say he’s half man half fish, others say he’s more of a seventy/thirty split. Either way he’s a fishy bastard. Google

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Vasu said...


I am honored. Would definitely try to publish some posts in English. Now that you have helped my blog reach a wider audience by sharing it in yours, i have no choice except to write quality posts i guess. :. Thanks once again.

Viji said...

You are modest, Vasu :) wider audience??? guess you are making fun of me... But, I really look forward to your posts in English, but I want more posts in Tamil too...

Vasu said...

Btw Viji, Coffee places in Tamilnadu are meant to be for chatting and gossip. Hence the name Kulambiyagam.

A Blip said...

What a way to promote Vasu's blog! Ipdi en blog ah yum promote pannunga. wider audience kedacha nala irukum ;)
Jokes apart...

I completely agree with you. I don know how you and my Boss manages to write so many quality posts with such a busy schedule. M truly amazed.

Vasu is a talking encyclopedia :) Sometimes I have to try really hard to understand what he is talking about. I would really love to see Vasu writing in English too. :)

U and Vasu are my inspirations. Neraya kathukanum unga kita irundhellam.

As usual Good post Viji :)

Viji said...

@krithi romba pugazhadha... hope you do remember how vexed i was and how I suffered from verbal constipation... You are a great blogger and your posts are eloquent. Keep them coming, Krithi...

A Blip said...

Love you for the good comments viji :) Writer's block varadhu pudhusu ilayae :) It can happn to anyone and everyone.. See u came out of it and u emerged strong just like before :)

Vasu. said...

Thanks Krithi..Neenga Rendu perum English masters..Unga kooda ennayum sethukardhe enakku perumai dhaan..:-))

A Blip said...

@vj and @vasu - Aaanalum neenga rendu per ivalo humble ah iruka kudathu! :)

Gokul said...

Hi Viji,

Just now I saw this post.Thanks a lot.

//Gokul, I would request you to be active too, that way we get to read a lot...//

Sure, will do. Thanks again.


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