Spicy sweet love story

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Scene - 1

The baby looked golden in the morning sunlight... Mom and Dad were loving the sight of their baby and amazed at the way he was created... pretty neat he looked, nestled in green cloak, he looked good enough to eat and they were proud.

Scene - 2

Just few miles away, there was another cry and a baby girl was born and she looked sweet and cherubic.  She was looking pretty with her peach and cream complexion.

Scene - 3

He saw her and she saw him. But, that wasn't enough for him, he hated all those relations surrounding them.  He had to wait for others to move, to get a glimpse of her.  But, the first moment he set his eyes on her, he was sure he was made for her.

Scene - 4

She just got a glimpse of him looking at her and she cursed for not being tall.  It was love at first sight.

Scene - 5

He decided she was for him and rehearsed on how to confess his love to her... determined to win her affection, quizzed what women love the most and it came to him, "jewellery"...! So, he bought the most beautiful silver necklace for her.

Scene - 6

She was delighted at his gift for her and confessed her love for him too... he looked at her flushed face and thought he is the most luckiest guy on earth.

Scene - 7

They broke the news to their parents, friends and relatives... They wanted to have an elaborate wedding and selected their wedding suits and rings.

Scene - 8

It was their wedding day and as every bride looks, she looked radiant and blissfully happy.  He looked handsome and dashing and waiting with a smile...

Scene - 9

I, take you to be my friend, my lover and my partner.  I will be yours in times of plenty and in times of want, in times of sickness and in times of health, in times of joy and intimes of sorrow, in times of failure and in times of triumph.  I promise to cherish and respect you, to care and protect you, to comfort and encourage you, and stay with you, for all eternity.

Then the wedding feast, cake and dance... Oh! how they danced...!

Scene - 10

Their first night and full of fire works.

Scene - 10

Honey moon the most wonderful period of anyone's life... They chose the place, the bay and she wanted to sun bathe, sadly she forgot her sun screen... He mocked at her, calling her skinned chicken...

Scene - 11

More nights, more fireworks, started with chemistry and ended in Biology... She became pregnant...

Scene - 12

Baby's arrival

Scene - 13

Years passed by and they grew old.  He came in after a tiring day and under the sun, with out the sun screen and she mocked at him, calling him a 'skinned chicken" and he shouted, "SHUT UP"... After all the love and fights, they lived happily ever after.


Till the day they died, they fought like crazy and made up their fights like crazy and Oh! before I forget, they asked me to share their photos with you... The most happy and blessed family, I've ever seen...  Their hops, their pops, their sweet spicy love story and photos dedicated to you... Do leave your wishes, in the comment section.



The necklace:

Our wedding:

Wedding vows:

Wedding night:

Honey moon:

Our Babies:

Our fights... Tit for tat... I was waiting for  this opportunity

Fair tale end: We lived happily ever after
Common! I did tell that the story can get little Corny.... Don't blame me, after the fair warnings I gave you.  If you read this, its at your own risk and Hey! hey! easy...! easy...!!


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Unknown said...


Was wondering at the non-linear flow of the story...funny one. Infantile but funny

Viji said...

I know it's kiddish...but the kid inside me saw the honeymoon photograph and made me write this...ani helped with couple of photos too. He was awake till the story was published n read it, enjoyed it...first night photograph he picked n passed it on to me :)

Namita said...

A good read Viji! Nice to see a post... Let us just stick to Corny posts ok? :D

Unknown said...

LOL. It was kind of funny but not really :P Good one.

Viji said...

@ nami deal... corny you said it :)
@ Raghav thanks :)

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