2011 - a quick replay

Wednesday, January 04, 2012 , 4 Comments

I don't believe in calling a year bad or good. Every year has its own significance, both good and bad events make the year memorable.

Every flashback has a slilver lining:

  1. It dawned on me that I am 40 and even if I want to forget this fact, my body reminds me of this every moment.  Knees make all kinds of noise and I at times want to drill a hole and dump a container of lubricant inside my knee.
  2. Frequent visits to loo and the housekeeping staff one day pulled me aside and asked me to consult a doctor.  I should thank her for bringing to my notice that something was wrong after all.
  3. It was too boring having palpitations alone as a medical condition, hence my body decided to run a sugar factory and here I am rich with sugar.
  4. The diabetologist felt that Sugar is slightly on the higher side and I should do one hour of treadmill /fast walk / 8 times to climb up and down the stairs.  He suggested yoga too
  5. To start the easy way, went for a yoga class and the first day, when she asked me to do padmaasan, I was not able to fold the legs in lotus position and after great difficulty I did but while unfurling my legs  fell back to my embarrassment. Whenever she asks me to lie down to do some yoga, I fell asleep
  6. Mom started to prepare food for me and the menu goes like this: Coffee without sugar, 3 idlis at office for breakfast, lunch first thing I see everyday is bitter-gourd, sticky ladies finger bhajji (no oil; hence no deep fry), rasam and butter milk, evening coffee with out sugar and for dinner 2 chappatis and no potatoes :(
  7. Don't ask me if after all this, I have reduced weight, yes of course  0.25 kgs.
  8. Other than poetry, I found that Sketches and taking photographs my passion too and showcased my talent in FB, Blog, Flickr... wherever I can with few innocent tags and status.  I am very innocent woman but people think otherwise.
  9. Fate is very unkiind to me.  Even If I take an innocent picture of a tower with men standing on them and doing some repairing work, I miss to see a guy peeing below that tower.  So, for the world I am guilty and gross humour person.
  10. Wherever I turn,  I find smarter people around me and even my serious conversations are shrugged off as a joke....What more? wish you all a very happy new year 2012!


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4 Candles:

maybe this post is giving me a reality check, i too go to loo frequently, but thats to do with AC I thought........

You say 40, I'm entering the 30 mark next two months(sighhhhh)

Life starts at 40, take hope..women tend to be attractive,sexy at 40.(does this offer consolation, ..NO then forget it)

As with sugar, during my pregnancy,I used to take diet horlicks in tea or deprotein in tea. I cannot take anything without sugar. So I used to take tea with deprotein or diet horlicks
I used to eat red rice or oats with rasam. The problem with red rice, its difficult to make, it takes 7 to 8 whistles in cooker.

Try red rice, once u get used to the taste of deprotein and red rice.. u will like it. COmpulsarily eat for 3 days, then u will like it..

Viji said...

Uh...! thanks for the diet chart... But, I can't think of drinking tea or coffee with Diet horlicks :|

I like red rice so no problem there...

and Devs you can smile... the post is supposed to bring a smile on your face :)

Shivsu said...

Here are my two cents to your innocence...

You ain't!

Viji said...

Sigh....looks like you don't trust your friend :(

wisdom comes with experience

At one, I learnt crawling was fun. At forty one, I still feel crawling is fun #blamemykneesnotme