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Thursday, January 05, 2012 , 6 Comments

Lately, I am having weird dreams, funny / not so funny / disgusting / exhilarating.  These dreams mostly happen during early mornings. My mom would be the person who wakes me up midway, at times very grateful and at times really frustrating, I try to close my eyes and badly want to dream again.

Think it should be ten days back, the dream started in a wedding hall and there was a wedding happening.  I was with Anirudh and we were sitting in the third row corner seat and to our side was a water dispenser.  I receive a text in my mobile and it reads, "I want to tell you something really important, the bride who is sitting at the dias, next to the bridegroom is not a bride."  I got really tensed, asked Ani to catch an auto keep it ready for us to leave and rushed to the dias, silently went near the bride and lift the bride's head for everyone to see, it was a guy with veerapan kind of moustache.  Everyone gasps and the bridegroom looked shocked and address the audience, "Please! no commotion..this wedding will happen as per the plans,  in a way I feel sorry for this girl, if I ditch at the last moment, who will marry her?"  Guests sit down and the priest starts the pooja and I with a stupefied look stand there and Ani stood at a distance, having a huge cup of icecream and I cursed, "Ani, I told you to catch an Auto for us to leave"... Now, not sure if to label this funny or melodramatic or tragic.

A week back, I had another interesting dream,  I was sitting on Suresh's bike and listening to songs and he was riding his bike.  We were heading to our Santoshapuram flat and half way through, I realised it was not the usual route and I asked him, why we are going that route... It was a dense forest and I got really scared.  I kept telling him that I am scared and he stopped the bike and told me to get down and gave my digicam, said fully charged and now you take as much photos as you want and he started the bike and left me in the forest.  I stood stupefied again.

Yesterday, there was another dream,  my Mom was cleaning the house and she saw a chameleon and she cut its head.. (Poor mom, in reality she can never hurt anything, even a fly) This chameleon was running and nicely strutting, walking around without the head... gives me creeps to even think of it now.  But, there in the dreams,  I was kind of enthralled to watch it and mom dumped it in the dustbin.  After sometime, Ani threw a frooti packet... I've never seen him drink frooti lately, nevertheless he threw it in the dustbin and it explodes and the Chame started strutting proudly again, few specks of fire adorning its neck... I stood stupefied again.

There was one more dream and I can't share it here.  I was doing something really... ahem(blush blush)... and my mom woke me asusual and I didn't know where to hide my face and I wanted to go back to sleep desperately and hold on to... Jeez nothing...  :) 


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Shivsu said...

Lol! Sounds like fun...
If Inception style shared-dreaming becomes a reality, I'll make you the architect!!!!

A Blip said...

I wanna hear about the last dream :D Is it similar to mine?? :-P

Viji said...

Naughty naughty shivsu ;) I don't want to share my last dream with anyone :P
@krithi you are taking infant steps and I teen steps... Lots to learn and miles to go before I 'sleep';)

Viji...they were very Interesting ones !!
People would normally esitate to share.
Good going Viji :)

keenly look forward to ur last dream.. do share it
promise.. we wont blush(straight face)

Viji said...

Thanks sri... you made my day, visiting my blog :)
Nope devs :D may be to you personally....

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