250 - am I going slow?

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250th blog post. A toast to all my readers.  Cheers!

A toast to my 60th follower, I was waiting for this magical number to be filled,  it happened finally.

A long weekend, four days in hand and nothing much to do and I wanted to get rid of this 250 number which was stopping me from writing.  250 told me it has to be special, I felt somehow it is not happening and I started to blog.  Bits and pieces about what I did in the last four days,  a long weekend.

I switched on the TV two days back and I kept flipping through channels, till I hit the film, Partition directed by Vic Sarin and acted by Jimy Mistri (Gian) and Kiristin Kreuk (Nassim).  The cinematography was astounding and Vic Sarin did a great job here.  Being the director of the film, he knew what he wanted out of every frame and reproduced it. The film is about the partition of India during 1947.  Only jarring difference was, both the actors though they try to fit in to their costumes, looks foreign.  Nassim's brothers are disastrous picks, I should say, as the only quality they possess is fury and even in their reunion with their sister, their faces lack emotions.  As usual, I was 5 years late watching this film.

Anirudh, felt like watching a film, being short notice and holiday time, we ended up watching Don 2.  Used to like Sharukh a lot from his "circus" serial days. But, gradually I grew up and felt King Khan played quite simple roles, while he can definitely do better.  With preset mindset, I went to this film. I can't help but stare at the opening scene where I met Shahrukh slightly aged but with an awesome gait and body, storms in, fight and leaves the scene. One moment, Thailand, next Malaysia, then Germany... Priyanka Chopra and her uptight appearance, her eyes, her lithe frame, her unbuttoned shirt does bring a smile, a sexy officer, looked little phony though. I rather liked Lara Dutta playing the part of Ayesha, SRK's Girlfriend. coquettish but did justice to the miniscule role she played. Om Puri, I felt disappointed, has no great role and for a man of his calibre, I expected more. The film screamed money and had a rich and exhilarating feel to it. SRK's humour does show at few places. Boman Irani and Kunal Kapoor played their role well. Came out of the theatre at 10.15 PM, with tummy, rich of buttery popcorn, veg puffs, veg pizza, a Coke and cold coffee. Burp!

Suresh, Ani and I went to Annual TTDC trade fair yesterday.  We spent close to 4 hours, thousands of people thronging alongside and the audio loud speaker playing the ads of Gopal pal podi, Aids awareness, contraceptives and missing kids, purses, keychains and what not announcements.  Every side we turned, there were shops lit with bright LED lights. Glittery costume jewellery, handicrafts shops, Plastic utensils shops, herbal medical, 'learn magic' shops, 2 minutes photo studio, "everything you name it and they have it" products. Everyone looked excited and sated after eating the huge delhi masala pappad, chilli bajji. I always am kind of vary to eat out in open, not sure of the oil or water they use.

An interesting moment came, when I stood on a wooden bridge and was shooting the picture of brightly lit giant wheel reflecting in koovam, there were three guys who came close to me and one among them said, "Hope the bridge doesn't give away; it can take only so much weight" and I couldn't resist adding, "Thank god! you guys are as thin as broomstick and agile, and am sure you can swim yourself to safety, provided you can stand the stench of water".. We laughed together, they were taken by surprise and I didn't bat an eyelid. But, this seem to have annoyed Sure, who gave a disgusting, irritated look and asked if I am done.  I nodded and we left.

Malli, watched the film today.  A masterpiece, every frame, every minute, every second I loved.  This girl Shweta, she lived her role. This beautiful girl along with her friend, who is mute, the old story teller Monu, the village vet, Janakaraj are the main characters. Big smiles to Santosh Sivan and this girl Malli... I really loved the old woman Monu and her knack of telling silly stories, with utmost sincerity and the silly rhyme she came up with to get the blue stone (which Malli believed, would cure her mute friend). I would call Malli, an epic. The scene that touched me was when she tore her new skirt to bandage the hurt fawn.  I had the urge to hug and kiss this little girl. Lovely dear! Hats off to you!

SYMA, Triplicane conducts a program called Child Fest every year and I was called as a Chief Judge to judge the kids who were participating in the event. Spent about 4 hours and every minute was enjoyable. Kids these days are too good when it comes to showing their creativity and it was difficult to judge, but exceptional talent always stand out and I shared with them about the days when Anirudh was young and I used to be a parent eagerly waiting for my son to perform.

7th January, my blog completed four years and now after completing my 250th post, I ponder, "Am I going slow?"

Everyday we run few miles...
only to turn and find our path trail.
Setting our path straight and clear...
Steer ourselves to reach beyond the mire.

Time moves on and not waiting for the dawn,
Past lost its magic; future holds the logic
Setting our goals high; let's nudge and fly high...


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Asha Sundar said...

Congrats Viji :)

I guess you are not slow, but I look forward for more diversified post.

Setting our goals high; let's nudge and fly high... - Nice line

Viji said...

Thanks Asha :) will definitely do more 'diversified post' :)

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