You are like air; fly away...

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Am not asking you to stay
You are like air; fly away...
On a cold night, when moon took flight,
Your memory inside, started to ignite..

The clanging noise inside my brain,
The jarring silence refused to restrain...
Helpless I waited without control,
Your thought entered in to my soul.

"Fragile" I yelled at the thoughts,
It treaded soft and crept to my heart...
Knowing not what to do,
Slowly I started to accept you...

The thoughts of you, all new...
Excited; I felt till day two,
Then it started to gnaw at end,
Frozen and hard; bit raw to append..

I tried to drive your thoughts away,
Nailed it to a place and refused to sway...
Rusted and hard, it rubbed its way,
The blood splurting cutting a vein...


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