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Tuesday, January 03, 2012 4 Comments

All about love:

Love is a four letter word: 
  1. Makes you cry when you are happy
  2. Make you smile when you are sad.
  3. It brings even people like Hitler on their knees.
  4. It makes you a writer, making you write quips.
  5. When you succeed in love, you have to baby sit.
  6. When you lose in love, you become Socrates
  7. Every lover gets to give free advises to the freshmen in love
  8. If you are a guy, you turn a cynic and post cynical status on women in FB
  9. If you are a girl, you turn a martyr and post melancholic status on men in FB
  10. Friends steer clear of you..
  11. Your love's birthday or your birthday, will become like a memorial day.
  12. Turn into an atheist.
  13. Start flirting
  14. Fall in love all over again with a different person
  15. Circle continues


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Anonymous said...

Thats a super way to put it. And I can bet that there are better ways than this.. For people like you know who never give up and also baby sit. Like the one who is commenting here right now :):) Great Viji akka!! Simply super

Viji said...

oh! yeah! Prasanna :) thanks for dropping in and thanks for the comment too... :D

gud one viji..i like the baby sitting part .gud

Viji said...

:) devs

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