Damn...! tell me now... what's bothering you?

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"Damn...! tell me now... what's bothering you?", Kaesav grabbed Akansha's shoulders.  "Why are you like this? What's wrong, dear? It hurts..."

"Kaesav, I want to ask you something.  First an apology from me and then an explanation from you.  Let your explanation better be convincing, else it's better for us to break up." said Aakansha.

Kaesav gave a confused look and thought Akansha was joking. Then when he looked at her face, he knew she was serious and said, "I knew something was bothering you for sometime now, I am happy atleast now you've decided to share your problems."

"Two months back, one day you left your mailbox open and out of curiosity, I scrolled through your inbox and found few mails, a photograph, which was really disturbing... I know I shouldn't have opened your personal e-mail but I did that and I am sorry." She paused...

"But, I want to know about the 32 mails saved in a personal folder in your mail box, more than that the photograph where you and she...."

"We on our wedding day vowed to be faithful to each other, but looks like you are not... how can you do this to me, Kaeshav? I am hurt and I wish I am dead".

Kaeshav's face turned pale, he looked everywhere but Aakansha and slowly said, "You shouldn't have opened my mail box..." This comment made Aakansha furious and she threw the book she held in her hands on the floor and said, "Wow! nice...! you make out with another woman, while you are still married to me and you are not sorry for that, but you are angry that I read your mails??? How convenient!"

Kaeshav opened his mouth to say something, when the door bell rang.  He shrugged, with evident relief on his face, as he went to answer the door.  He welcomed Aakansha's parents who stood at the door.  Her mom entered and scanned the room and knew something was wrong, she bent down to pick the book that was spread on the floor half torn and placed it carefully on the table.  Her eyes were on Akansha's flushed face and she turned to her son-in-law and said carefully, "Sorry for dropping in without calling you, we happened to be at the neighbourhood and decided to come home".

Little Akansha's mom knew that it was a blessing in disguise for Kaeshav.  "Aunty, you are welcome anytime.  You are not a stranger to fix an appointment and come home.  Feel free to come home any time. I have to go out for a while, will meet you for lunch.  Please excuse me", saying that he hurried out, leaving Aakansha with out an answer and left her exposed to her mom's scruitning eyes.

- to be continued


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