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Thursday, March 01, 2012 , 7 Comments

Do you see the men on tower?

For a while, wherever I travel, I find men turning their back to me and busy peeing.  Not that I am on search of peeing men.  But its happening around me and I don't know how to put a stop to this.

Well! It all started, on a glorious evening when I sat pillion and went on a photography ride on Sure's bike.  I named the long ride as "Chasing the sun", I caught the sun in various frames, as I raced against it. 

There was this tower and the sun was almost set and I tried to photograph the tower, with few men on top of it working.  Little, I noticed the guy standing below, peeing to his glory.  It was slightly dark picture, hence I missed the guy in red shirt.  This photograph became the best hit among my all other photos with lots of likes and loads of comments and people decided that I am not as innocent as I claim.  I even tagged the picture with a note saying, "I swear I targeted the people standing on the tower ;)" Alas! even my friends don't trust me.

Nowadays when I photograph, I make sure to screen the photospot and after making sure there are no men aiming their target, take pictures.

But, an interesting observation from this innocent soul is that majority of the men who pee, always choose a shrub and they turn their head towards their right and look at the nearby shrubs.  May be they think, "OMG! how am I supposed to water all these plants?"


Some say he’s half man half fish, others say he’s more of a seventy/thirty split. Either way he’s a fishy bastard. Google

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Shivsu said...

Misled by the post title...

I'm outta here!

Viji said...

"fire in the mountain run run" ;)

Viji said...

and shivsu... no pun intended

Unknown said...

I still dont buy that you are as innocent as you claim.

and the men who are turning sideways are just checking if the grass is indeed greener or whether they should direct their irrigational activities elsewhere...we are magnanimous, you see..i mean, i hope you didnt see

Viji said...

Everyone seem to doubt me :(

Quite magnanimous men are ;) and NO! My eyes and my camera eyes are closed really tight; feel free to irrigate :P

A Blip said...

Ahem.. So the tower topic again.. Maybe u shud ve written about the after effects of posting it on FB. Or u cud ve copy pasted the comments.. ;-) U cud ve even added how you were the talk of the town for a couple of weeks :D

Hari said...

Scientific conclusion: Men can't hold as much as women can! (I think it can be verified too!)

Foresighted Design: God knew that when societies manifest, women would be cast with more rules of "societal exhibition", and gave them this extra capacity!

wisdom comes with experience

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