"What I feel is hard to explain" - Ana

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Act: 2

Scene: 1

Ana singing...

What I feel is hard to explain,
Totally besotted is what my heart claim...
Love, desire, whatever the name,
Am totally absorbed and in to it sane...

Love you, Love you, I keep chanting,
I demand and desire your attention, taunting...
Give me your heart and rest free,
I will tend to yours, more than your family....

(What I feel is hard to explain, totally besotted is what my heart claim)

phone rings...

"I know you want me
I made it obvious that I want you too
So put it on me
Let's remove the space between me and you
Now rock your body..."

Ana: Tell me...! finally you had the heart to call?
Other end: chatter...
Ana: I am fine... How are you?
Other end: chatter....
Ana: Good to know that... howz your new girl? does she fall on your feet everyday and say I worship you my lord?
Other end: Chatter...
Ana: I am not jealous... period! You guys deserve each other. Go ahead and date her, woo her, love her and ditch her. You have my blessings.  I know how charming you can be, when you set to steal a girl's heart.  It's only a matter of time and she will be delivering my lines to you over phone... only a matter of time...
Other end: Chatter...
Ana: Am not talking in circles, you are.  Don't you dare to talk to me in that tone.  You don't own me. I had enough...
(Switches off the mobile)
Ana monologue:  I'm not going to text him again.  I'm not going to call him again.  What the hell he thinks about himself.  I want him to beg, before I allow myself to go out with him.  Let me not message him for a week at least, only then he will realize his mistakes.

(half an hour passes by... Ana switch on the phone and to her disappointment don't find any messages...then she starts to worry.  Every 5 minutes, her eyes goes to her blackberry, only to find that there is no led alert.  When the mobile vibrated, she flew to pick up and see some unimportant mail..)

Ana monologue:  I am miserable.  I can't live with out him. I can't help but being possessive.  I know that I should trust and not spy him behind his back.  I swear to god, if only he messages me this time, I will be good and won't ever doubt him.

(Ana eased her i10 in to the parking lot of a posh beauty parlor at the neighborhood)

Receptionist: (smiling) Cathy is waiting for you, mam. Lime juice with salt for you or would you prefer hot coffee?
Ana: Thanks Priyanka. Cold Lime juice with salt, if it not difficult for you.
Priyanka: Not at all, mam. Akka will make it for you. (calls out, Akka...)
Cathy: Mam good to see you.  Hair cut?
Ana:  I would like to straighten my hair, colour it and I want you to cut it in layers.
Cathy: (smiles) Three and half hours mam and you will look as good as new.
Ana: Ha ha... I am going to a party this evening.  Wanna look my best.
Cathy: Pedicure and manicure mam? while you wait for the hair straightening agent to work its magic on your hair?
Ana: Yes, Cathy. I would like that.

(After 4 hours, Ana emerged out of the beauty parlor prettier and 8,350 rupees poorer)

Door bell rings...

Ana: (Opens the door and smiles) Come in... come in! you look ravishing dear, as usual.  The sari is gorgeous on you Shalu...
Shalini: You look good enough to eat. Straightened your hair? suits you.
Ana: Lemonade or tea?
Shalini: Just had at home. Let's leave now. Its sultry out there. Hope it doesn't rain...(pouts)
Ana: It won't... Chale?

(Locks the door and put the key in her purse and they got into back seat of Shalini's car and the driver started the car )


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Unknown said...

Ana sounds petty....and the guy on the other end even more so...and 8.something K in a beauty parlour(faints). That akka touch is class. the poetry at the start is the vintage viji i know..keep them coming and i shall keep knocking them out of the stadium..buhahaha

Viji said...

vintage viji... mmmm... tHaNkS for your comment!!!! I am terrified...

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