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Act 1

Scene 3

Old woman: I will give you 15 rupees not a paise more than that.
Malar: I am telling you, that I will run the meter and you give me money after checking the meter. 
Old woman: Meter la soodu vaikaliyae? (Hope you haven't tampered the meter)
Malar: It's because of people like you, the auto drivers ask for flat rate. Get in amma, its getting late for me.
Old woman monologue: Auto drivers...difficult to trust them.  They either do not go by the electronic meter or they tamper the meter and cheat us.  They misbehave with women, elderly and they dupe foreigners.  They fight over luggages and in the commotion steal luggage.  If only, I can climb the bus steps, I would avoid going by an auto.
Malar: I agree with you Amma.  But, not everyone is like that.  Your point has come, please pay me Rs. 10.
Old woman: Ten rupees? 
Malar: Yes.
Old woman: Ada paavingala (Scoundrels)...they were cheating me all these days. Nalla irudi amma...(blessings to you dear) everyday I go to this temple, hope you are at the stand everyday.
Malar: Sure amma...! If I am at the stand, I will take you...

At the local tea stall, near auto stand...

Manickam: Muthu thambi, unga tea (Bro Muthu, your tea)...
Muthu: Thanks master, appadiyae oru wills kodunga (give me a wills cigarette too)... I don't understand, why a woman should drive an auto.
Manickam: Why not? eppo ponunga laam rocket ae otaaranga...(these days girls drive rockets, why not an auto?)
Muthu: But, driving auto is a man's job.  I don't think proper woman would be in this profession.
Manickam: Proper woman? why not? it's a decent job too. An auto driver like you should know better.
Muthu: Enamo serila master (something not falling in place).. there she comes.
Malar: Oru limca kudunga sir (Give me a limca)
Manickam: Indhaanga madam (Here it is madam)
Muthu: What is hot news today master?
Manickam: I think from next week, there will be 3 hours powercut.
Muthu: Three hours? Aatchi maarina ellam seri aayidumnu sonnanga; romba mosama povudhu (We thought if the ruling party changes, then all these problems will get resolved, but it is getting from bad to worse)
Manickam: Hope, if Koodankulam nuclear power plant comes through, we might have enough power.
Muthu: Adhena kadhai, sollunga master... Koodangulama? (what's this story about Koodangulam, tell me)
Malar: From what I heard the power will be shared among other neighbouring states too.
Manickam: But CM has requested PM that the entire power generated should be available only to Tamil Nadu.
Malar: Yes, from 1000 MW central pool last year, mere 100 MW was made available to the state.  The CM is fighting for us. That's a good sign. 
Manickam: (Smiling) Good to see that you are keeping up with the news.
Malar: I like to chat with my passengers and get to hear different view points.  I read the newspaper and watch TV and arrive at my own views.
Manickam: Yes, we should not let others influence our views... What do you think about wasting so much electricity for this cricket match, when we are so much short on power?
Malar:  I feel that the matches should be conducted during the day time. But, a friend of mine said that we get loads of revenue and if the match is played in the mornings, there won't be much collection.  I feel he is right. So, probably we can't avoid using power for the flood lights in cricket ground.
Muthu: He? You have a friend, who is a man.
Malar: (Puzzled) Yes. Why are you asking such a question?
(Muthu gives Manickam, "I told you so" look and Manickam smiles and said "Kamalai kanuku kandadhelam manjal" (looking at things with a jaundiced eye)
Muthu: (Shrugs) Seri na, naan kilambaraen, kanakula ezhudikanga (am leaving, add the tea to my account)
Malar: What is it about jaundice? I didn't get him.
Manickam: Freeya vidunga; avan kidakaraan (let it go free; he's not serious)
Malar: Sir, endhanga 10 rupees for limca. (Here! please take this 10 rupees for Limca)
Manickam: Thanks madam

(Manickam watches Malar leave his tea stall and lets out a sigh... Malar took the few steps to her auto and turned towards the tea stall to see Manickam watching her, his eyes soft and felt blood rushing to her face)


Some say he’s half man half fish, others say he’s more of a seventy/thirty split. Either way he’s a fishy bastard. Google

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Unknown said...

Just a slight confusion... you shift between english and tamil between dialogues...and both are typed out in english..thats fine actually. but what i am not able to take is the tea master conversing in english and malar talking in english as well as coming back to quoting tamil proverbs...a bit confusing...

Viji said...

Guess I messed it up. everyone said the same thing. But, I am going to let it remain the way I perceived in my mind. In future like in my next play, i will be more careful

She gets tea, then whydoes she pay for limca...

Viji said...

caught me :) initially I put it as Coffee, but it was hot that day and I changed it to Limca, forgot to change at the later part... thanks for such a detailed read and pointing it out... corrected it :) thanks a bunch again devs...

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