A comma or period? - Vipra

Wednesday, April 11, 2012 , , 2 Comments

Act: 2 

Scene: 2

Vipra's monologue: The pregnant pause makes me wonder, if it's a comma that follow your impregnable silence or is it a forgotten period... Sigh!

(After one hour)

(a hint of smile in vipra's face)

(Prad signs off and Vipra scrolls back hastily to selected lines from prad and reads them again, her facial expression shifts between happiness, confusion and finally a frown on his hasty exit)
Vipra: Sigh!

(Prad stares at the screen before him and felt asusual, something tugging at his heartstrings...)

Prad: Sigh!


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wow wow wow!!!went back to my college days for a min..semma thought viji..print screen idea really unique..awaiting for the next post:))))))))

Hari said...

Feeling Nostalgic :)

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