a Dusk, a Devil, a Drink

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Act: 1

Scene: 1

Bartender:  Another drink! cocktail mam?  Here it is! just as you like...
Ana: Thanks!
Naveed: a Cold Beer for me..
(Naveed's eyes quickly scanned the party hall and finally rested on Ana and Ana smiled...)
Naveed: I am Naveed and you are...?
Ana: Ana... Daughter of nobody, wife of nobody, girlfriend of nobody... not a great company tonight... move on buddy...
(cymbals crash)
Naveed: Uh! ok ok! no offense... you can't blame me for trying? after all I don't bump in to women who wear candy pink evening dresses often.
Bartender: A cold Beer, for your Sir..!
Naveed: Thanks! (turning to Ana) you came with someone?
Ana shrugged...
Naveed: Care to join me for this drink and more to come.
Ana: Don't you have a girl?
Naveed: Nope. I came here, hoping that there would be this girl in pink evening dress, waiting for me...
(Laughing they headed to a couch vacant at the end of the room)
Naveed: Hey! is it Thursday today?
Ana: God! No! it's Friday...
Naveed: Thank God! you are not drunk yet.
Ana: (Giggling) Not yet... not yet... but I will soon and I warn you, you stop me before I am drunk, else am not responsible for what I talk or how I act.
Naveed: Thanks for the warning... I am Naveed...
Ana: Yeah! you told me that already...What do you do for your living?
Naveed: I work as a software engineer in an IT firm. How about you?
Ana's monologue: I am a fashion designer, studied at NIFT and I design dresses for celebrities, filmstarts and Models.  I am quite famous, if you move in those circles... Did you see the film Gajini? I only designed Surya's dresses...
Naveed: Sorry to interrupt... But, that was the film in which Surya is forgetful and roam around half naked, ain't he? (stiffling a smile)
Ana: Yes, exactly that's the film. I designed couple of Asin's dress too
Naveed: The case is almost the same with her too...
Ana: Where was I?
Naveed: You asked me about what I do. I am sofware programmer.  I analyse user requirements, write software programs, research, design and debug. I also create technical specifications and come up with test plans.  I intergrate existing software products and try to get incompatible platforms to work together.  I am the miracle man who make things not possible, possible.  I like to find solutions to problems and love problems that is tough to crack.
Ana: Wait! wait! why are you telling me all this? It's all greek and latin to me.
Naveed: I believe in giving as good as I get...(Chuckling)...sorry! no offense.
Ana: Are you calling me a bore?
Naveed: You look beautiful when you are angry.  Maybe I should provoke you more? mmmm?
Ana: You charmer! I like you.
Naveed: Women, interests me. Every woman, I find interesting.
Ana: Care to dance?
Naveed: Would love to, but don't know how.
Ana: It will come to you easily, let's go and see how much a good or bad dancer you are.
(Naveed nodded and after few futile attempts and Naveed stamping her foot for close to five times, Ana called it off and they headed to their seats)
Ana: Did you keep a count on my drinks?
Naveed: Nope! should I?
Ana: I warned you...
Naveed: Yeah! you did... and now I am scared and sweating out of fright...
Ana: You are pompous and proud
Naveed: You are an adorable, spoilt brat.
Ana: I hate you... you! you! supercilious bastard....
Naveed: Mind your tongue, Ana or I will have it out.
Ana: I am leaving now.
Naveed: Let's leave then. Will drop you. You are not fit to go alone.
Ana: No! Thanks. I will go on my own.
Naveed: Like hell you will. You are not in a position to even walk. Hold my hands and walk or I will carry you.
Ana: You won't?!?
Naveed: Try me...
Ana: Ok! Let me collect my Jacket.
(Naveed waiting outside, couldn't get Ana out of his mind. She irritated as well as interested him.)
Ana: So, where's your car?
Naveed: (puzzled) Car?
Ana: Oh! your bike then?
Naveed: Bike?
Ana: How do you commute?
Naveed: I walk or go by public transport.
Ana: You said you will give me a lift. How are you planning to take me?
Naveed: Will call an Auto rickshaw.
(Ana, her mouth forming a surprised 'O' waited for Naveed)


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A Blip said...

Great start Viji.. Loved every bit of it. Would love to see how you write the next one.

Viji said...

thanks krithi... yeah! read them and let me know, how you find them.

Unknown said...

pub la kudipaaram..ponnungala pick up pannuvaram aana bike illa car illa busla than povaram...aana yosichu paatha, thats a good way to escape from the cops standing outside a pub to catch drunken motorists...interesting start.

Viji said...

@manoj did i mention the word pub? party... Naveed is different from others... :)

no comments.. lets see how it unfolds..

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