Haunting music by Vip

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Act: 3

Scene: 2

Vipra texts Pad....

Vipra: Fri 11.05 PM: Ta da..... am here am here
Prad: Fri 11.05 PM: Not sleeping?
Vipra: Fri 11.05 PM: Nope..too excited to sleep :)
Prad: Fri 11.06 PM: Excited?
Vipra: Fri 11.06 PM: yep... just finished practicing a piece. Happy at the way, i was able to play it...
Prad: Fri 11.06 PM: Good Good... looks like you had a good day
Vipra: Fri 11.07 PM: Prad?
Prad: Fri 11.12 PM: Yes Vip... tell me
Vipra: Fri 11.12 PM: Are you free now?
Prad: Fri 11.12 PM: Why do you ask?
Vipra: Fri 11.13 PM:  I want to play it for you, Can you listen now? 5 minutes max...
Prad: Fri 11.13 PM: Why not?
Vipra: Fri 11.13 PM: Great :) Give me 3 mts and I will call you..

Vipra rushes to her Violin, picks her bow, and calls Prad...

Prad: (with a smile) Yes Vip... am ready
Vipra: am ready too... give me a sec
Prad: Sure... take your time
Vipra: (Places her phone, on the third shelf of the cupboard and switches the speaker mode on, standing closest possible to the cupboard...) Here we go!

Vipra plays....

Vipra: So? How was it?
Prad: Amazing... I am proud of you Vip...
Vipra: Thanks Prad... but what you heard is just a reproduction of a violin solo, from someone called "Plagues of sorrow"... He is amazing...
Prad: mmmm
Vipra: Tell me what you are thinking?
Prad: Just thinking that it's been almost a week since I saw you...
Vipra: Awww... that's surprising... you are human after all... (grins) 
Prad: hmmm... so, tell me... you doing an audition or something?
Vipra: No No... my exams are fast approaching and I am planning to compose a song that has both the indian classical and western classical elements in it...
Prad: Something like jugalbandi?
Vipra: (Smiling) something like that, but it has to be a solo and there wouldn't be an orchestra to support me.  Even a minor flaw will show really bad...
Prad: What you played, sounded like a western classical...
Vipra: This is not the music clip, I was talking about.  I listened to the song and wanted to play, that is all.  Yet to start composing the errr... jugalbandi song...
Prad: Oh. K (yawns)
Vipra: Sorry if it was boring to you... got carried away
Prad: Oh! no! no! It was a tiring day and putting in extra hours to play, to get selected to that gaming event I was talking about..
Vipra: Oh! yes! you are all set?
Prad: No...Vipra, I've not even begun...
Vipra: Okies Prad... you rest then... sorry for keeping you wake at this hour.  Tomorrow is another day...
Prad: That's ok.
Prad: Vipra?
Vipra: Yeah?
Prad: It's been almost 3 days since you messaged or chatted with me.  Are you okay?
Vipra: Of course I am.  I was the one, who texted and called you today. (Pulling a straight face)
Prad: I know that.  Not that I didn't want to, but you know me, you had always been the chatty person and volunteer a conversation.
Vipra: It wouldn't hurt if you volunteer once in a while.  I waited for 3 days and realised today ego is not taking me anywhere and I am not ashamed to add that I missed you.
Prad: You know, I missed you too and wanted to mess or call you, but was playing the whole day and it was too late in the night, when I stopped playing.  That's no excuse. Sorry da.
Vipra: That's ok... Prad. Will say good nite now.

(Strangely Prad, wanted to hear her voice, and didn't want her to put the phone down.  But, she is determined to end the conversation...)

Prad: How is everyone at home?
Vipra: (puzzled) they are fine. Prad? Are you okay? you are sounding strange...
Prad: Of course!  I am fine.  Ok. Good nite Vipra... Sweet dreams
Vipra: Good nite Prad... mess me good nite na?
Prad: Sure da... Will mess you

(Vipra sighs and cuts the line.  Prad never has the habit of cutting the line after a call and as usual she has to.  Today, she sensed a difference in him and wished he is this way always)

Vipra receives a text...

Prad: Sat 11.44 PM: Enna sigh?
Vipra: Sat 11.44 PM: I didn't...
Prad: Sat 11.45 PM: You did... before cutting the line.
Vipra: Sat 11.45 PM:  Oh! I didn't realise and you know what... It's like we switched places, you are sounding like me and I am sounding like you today...
Prad: Sat 11.47 PM: Ha ha... you are right...now I know how to be on the other end.  You are important to me, Vip.  I am saying this just once.  Even if I don't message, it's not that I don't want to, but it is not as easy for me, as it is for you.  Don't stop messaging or calling.
Vipra: Sat 11.47 PM Hmmm... but at times it hurts, when you don't respond to a morning message till midnight.
Prad: Sat: 11.50 PM: mmm... will try not to be that way. It's late will say our good nights now.  See you tomorrow...Will mess you in the morning...
Vipra: Sat: 11.51 PM Cool! Good night Prad...Sweet dreams
Prad: Sat: 11.55 PM Good night, Princess! Sweetest dreams to you..
Vipra: Sat: 11.55 PM: Why can't you be this nice everyday??? Good night, Praddy. Sweetest dreams to you too... HUGS!!!
Prad: Sun: 12.10 AM :)
Vipra: Sun: 1:20 AM  :)


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