A plea - A cry to PETA or Blue cross or any one who have a heart...

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Taking a quick break from the play I am writing, as there is another pressing need to attend to. Read the post and spread the words...

Does killing animal for meat or for skin or for fur alone is cruelty towards animals?

A trip to Guindy National Park, will change your mind.... Cruelty can be extended in many ways and this could be done, by poor unclean, not eco friendly surroundings.  Please visit the place once to witness the pathetic condition in which the birds, animals live out there.

Litters, dirty ponds (if you can call them ponds)...the pond am sure is stagnant water and which is not being cleaned or refilled even once in a year. Meager food, no proper sheds or open area for the animals to rest or walk.

Adding few pictures, I took... "A picture is worth a thousand words" they say.

A pool full of debris

No proper security check: Is deer an omnivore? Plastic covers not allowed inside... but people hijack it in and the deer grabbed the food and ate egg and chicken biriyani.... and it almost had the food with the polythene cover, fortunately the food dropped in the ground... We all watched, none of us dared to go near the deer to take away the plastic sheet... it's horn was very sharp and we didn't want to risk our lives...What if the deer swallowed the cover, it might choke to death...

Deer eating an egg...

A herd of deer in a tiny shelter and the Sun was blazing... I didn't see any water tank near this place...

Yes! that's food tray, with almost empty tray and hords of hungry deers... is the food edible? it looks like droppings....

thin babies

Hungry deer

crocodile... and the depth of water is barely 10 inches - no I didn't dare to measure, an approximate measure...The crocodile looked like a sketch, 2 dimensional, is it dead or alive?

minutest pond I've ever seen

  Food or drinking water... look at the colour of that liquid... it smelled bad too

The whole place stinks and except for some birds and deer and 20 to 25 Monkeys, I didn't find many animals here.  

Guindy park then:
When I went to this park 7 or 8 years back, It wasn't this bad and there were Bears, Hyenas, a Lion and lots of elephants and monkeys and hundreds of birds.... Nothing! absolutely nothing now.  Hope those animals were transferred to Vandalur zoo.

(May be if they can't do much about the facility, then the animals and birds should be transferred to a proper place, where they can have decent food and clean water and some space to walk or fly. For the birds the nets are placed too low, three or four feet from ground, they will forget to fly, am sure about it.)

Guindy park now:

Lovers park... You just have to take a 10 rupees ticket per head and go in and spend the whole day, talking and have fun.  The couples cuddled and doing everything except making love... (Not my business) Guards gazing at the couples and enjoying what they were seeing, instead of stopping kids playing pranks with animals, throwing stones at them.  There were kids who fed the animals with kurkure, lays chips and their snacks, while I appreciate the love of kids, I was scared that the snack can be hazardous as the kids can't differentiate between adults and baby animals... the kurkure or chips can choke the baby animals.

PETA or Blue Cross or any one who have a heart... Save the animals and birds before they die... 

"Animals - its their world too... Help us to help them"
- Blue Cross of India

PS: Please don't ask me what I did to better the animals/birds life there... I didn't, I was busy taking photos of them.  


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