Jezebel Boutique - Ana

Act: 3

Scene: 1


Ana:  Here two more... 15 so far?

(Ana waved the sheet of paper, which had two rough dress designs)

Designer: Mam seem to be in a design frenzy this week???

(The young designer, looked at Ana with great admiration)

Ana: You can say that again...

Phone rings...

Designer: Hi... Jezebel Boutique... what can I do for you?
Other end: Chatter
Designer: Please hold on... Let me check if she can take a call now.

(She mutes and turns to Ana... )

Designer: There's this guy on the other end, who has a sexy voice... mesmerising...
Ana: Does he have a name?
Designer: Yes, he said Naveed
Ana: Did you say Naveed? (After a pause) I will take the call in my cabin. Thanks Neethu
Neethu: Please hold on, I will connect the call.
Ana: Hey Hi... this is a are you?
Other end: Chatter
Ana: Doing just like that called?
Other end: Chatter
Ana: I don't remember leaving anything behind. What did I leave?
Other end: Chatter
Ana: First you tell me, what I left behind, then I will tell you whether this meeting is required or not.
Other end: Chatter
Ana: Look! I am terribly busy at this moment.  There is a fashion show coming up in 20 days.  I am busy preparing the designs and stuff.  I don't have time to play guessing games with you.  Please excuse me.
Other end: Chatter
Ana: Why are you so stubborn? Can't you tell me now?
Ana: Bye?!? (frowns at the receiver)


Ana:  Neethu, Can you please talk to the PR and sign Medha, Preeti and Karina for the show?  I need them for this show...
Neethu: Sure mam, I will do it right away.
Ana monologue:  I can see Karina in the flowing dress and Medha and Preeti in the spring suit... this knit lock in trousers are going to be a rage, I can visualize the audience's reaction...
Ana: Neethu, one more help... please gather all the designers and let's quickly meet in my room... 10 minutes... not more... and you keep an eye on the clock...
Neethu: (smiling) Sure mam.

(Seven designers assemble in Ana's room and Ana couldn't stop smiling.. )

Ana: Guys! any guesses, why I called you all?
No.4: Are we going out for lunch?
Ana: That we have every other week... what's new?
No.3: For movie?
Ana: Sigh!
No.2: Dress show?
Ana: Yep... We got a great break.  Anju Mishra, has asked us to design 9 dresses for her upcoming fashion show.  Spring collection.  We need to have 3 evening wear, 6 casual wear... I've done around 15 odd sketches....take a look and vote for the best...

(Everyone stood before the display board, admiring the sketches...)

No.1: I like everything.  It's a shame, we can't do all the 15.
No.6: I love the evening flowing dress... it's amazing... It will be an instant hit.  I already see Katrina Kaif in it.

(Ana's eye flitted on everyone's face and made a mental note on what to stitch and what to ditch)

No.5: The blue and beige skirt and top looks dashing... dull and bright shades combo is eye fetching... I would love to wear that, for an evening with my guy.
Neethu: Mam, I love the turquoise, trousers and beeded aquamarine jacket ensemble... pretty.  If only I can afford it, I will treasure it and pass it as a heirloom. (She signs the time is up)
Ana: End of meeting guys... If you guys create, what I imagine, then for sure we can go to a resort and party... Neethu.. stay back for a moment will you?

Everyone leaves...

Ana: Neethu, if we are successful in winning the "Dress of the day" award....then the dress will be yours... Pray hard and keep your fingers crossed..
Neethu: Really mam?  I need not even pray hard, I for sure know the show is going to be a hit...

(Ana and Neethu, hears the jingle of the bell, as someone enters the shop)

Ana: Can you check on the visitor... I will be right back?

Neethu exits the room...

(A minute later, Neethu enters the room, slightly breathless...)

Neethu: Mam, there's this guy, who is asking for you... I think the same guy who was on the phone the other day...
Ana: (Raises her eyebrows) Who?
Neethu: Naveed
Ana: Oh! Ok will meet him.  Please make him sit and offer him a cup of coffee or a soft drink.

Neethu leaves...

(Ana quickly brushes her hair and take a look at her reflection on the mirror and comes out to meet Naveed. Naveed, greets Ana, with a nod...)

Ana: Naveed, I hate surprises....
Naveed: Sorry Ana, I won't surprise you next time.
Ana: Good... Now, tell me what brings you here?
Naveed: Just happened to pass by and thought of returning this to you.

(He hands over her silver bracelet, which she didn't even realized she missed.)

Ana: Oh! Thank you so much... I didn't realize, I missed it at all.  I was drunk and sorry, if I had embarrassed you the other day.
Naveed: Never mind... You have an impressive shop here... 
Ana: Boutique...
Naveed: You have a pretty impressive boutique...
Ana: Thanks Naveed

(There was silence between every sentence delivered and Ana stood clueless, not knowing what to talk)

Naveed: Ok Ana... got to go now... will meet you some time? 
Ana: Sure... I have a fashion show planned in another fortnight.
Naveed: You did tell me about that...
Ana: Oh.. ok.. After that maybe...
Naveed: Sure, will call you then...

(For the next two or three days, every time the phone rang, Ana couldn't help but listen to Neethu's tone answering the phone... Why didn't he ask me my mobile no? Why didn't I ask him his mobile no?)


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