Vipra's first kiss

Act: 4
Scene: 2

Vipra: The plot, how do they come up with the plots and how do they generate the plots, the mazes, the monster images... so many characters, potions, weapons..? Whoa! It's all together a different world na, Praddy?
Prad: Yes! my world...
Vipra: Can I try? 

Prad selects a simple platform game for Vipra, and she selects a character, runs picks the weapon start shooting the monsters, pick up the energy and jump to the winning line.

Vipra: Yay! I did it... I did it... (Claps her hand)

PRAD and VIPRA, their thoughts....

Prad smiles....

Third level, she loses 2 lives and when she was about to lose the last life, Prad places his hands on top of Vipra's and guides her.  Vipra stops concentrating on the game and look at their locked hands on the joystick.  Prad's hand firm yet gentle holds her hands and she watches the image running, jumping, fighting without effort on the screen.  She turns to look at Prad's face, which was glued to the screen.  Prad rests his cheek on her head and continued to throw daggers at the monster.  She knew that he forgot her and only the game held his attention.  When she felt Prad's eyes on her, she realized the level got over.  She lowers her hand, and leans on his shoulder and watches their locked hands resting on her lap. 

Prad felt Vipra relaxing on his shoulder. He places the joystick on the side table and slowly turned Vipra, so that she faced him and his head dipped.  Vipra's eyes widened with surprise and pleasure, when she realized she was going to be kissed for the first time and by the man she admired and loved like crazy and slowly her lips parted.  

Prad realized that Vipra had never been kissed before, she was clueless what to do, but the gentle Vipra he knew vanished and in her place, a dynamite responded to every kiss with a kiss and every dip with a dip.  He could the thud of her heart as she shifted her position to accommodate Prad's body.  He gently stroked her neck and deepened the kiss further. When his tongue met hers, she was taken aback by shock, but only for a moment and the next moment, she edged closer to him.   Prad lowered his face to her throat and kissed her softly. Her breath caught in her throat, she let a slow sigh out. His breath hot and body taut, Prad knew he has to stop before he does something they both would regret.  Not that he wanted to stop. 

Phone rings.... "Sheerine calling" and Robbie Williams crooned " I just wanna feel real love...." 

Vipra gazing at his mobile, saw Sheerine's name and heard the song and realized what a fool she had been... Her face stiffened and lips wobbling, tears only a fraction of second away, stares at Prad and rushes out.  Prad would never forget that look of hurt on Vipra's face.  He wanted to reassure her, but didn't know how to.  He found Sheerine interesting, now, even Sheerine the prettiest woman he had ever dated, refused to divert his mind from Vipra.  He wanted Vipra, where she belongs to.  And, that was next to him. 

He picked the phone and messaged Vipra. "You are the only woman, who knows everything about me, no secrets between us.  I need talk to you dosth, I need your counselling".  After one hour there was still no reply.  Prad's face frowned and even games refused to divert him.


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I am finding these latest series quite interesting... keep writing!!!

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thanks a lot, Ajey

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