Love - It makes us want; can't take "can't"

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Act: 4
Scene: 1

Naveed: Maybe I am not explaining it well.  But, I can't afford to have relationship with anyone.  I am still a software engineer with a moderate salary and I can't even think of settling down for another 5 years or so.  I have plans.  Wanting to do my MS.  I don't believe in going round with a woman, when I am not planning to get married.  Not that I am immune to women, I'd love to spend and roam around with a girl but I control myself from doing it.
Ana: But, why?  When you love something, you should indulge.  When you find the right woman, then she should be willing to wait for you.
Naveed: That's exactly what I don't want her to do for me. Now, let's talk about you. What's your plan for future.
Ana: Almost similar to yours.  Not planning to settle down. "once bitten twice shy" they say.  Burnt my fingers once by falling in love and I don't want to repeat the same mistake again. Atleast for another few years.  I want my boutique to grow in to chain of boutiques all over India.
Naveed: Hmmmm....
Ana: Hmmmm..... (laughs awkwardly...) I am known for talking not stop.  But, when it comes to you, I am tongue-tied...
Naveed: (Smiles....) Any idea what I am feeling right now?
Ana: No... you should tell me
Naveed:  I wish I am like any other guy, flirting with you, taking you out on a date, quite intense and not like today.  Several dates if possible, kiss you  if you allow me to and enjoy life like other men do.  But, I am Naveed and I won't allow myself to do that.
Ana:  This is not a date. Come on!
Naveed:  Define a date...
Ana: When two people who like each other...
Naveed: Smiles.... continue...
Ana: seen together in public

Naveed smiles again

Ana: Get to know more about each other (Ana smiles)
Naveed: And?
Ana: and evaluate each other if they are compatible couples.
Naveed:  We are on a date, but not as intense.  Except for evaluating each other we fit in the date definition well.  Maybe mentally we are evaluating too.  But, I have to tell you a truth Ana.  From the day I met you, I can't help but think about you frequently and if I had met you after 5 years, maybe I would allow myself to fall in love with you.
Ana: You know you are arrogant at times... "allow yourself to fall in love"?  Love is spontaneous, you will not have any control over it.  That's why its generally termed "falling" in love.  You can't control the feeling.

Ana takes her pen out, hastily scribble something in the paper napkin and pushed the napkin to Naveed.

"Love" is blind; "love" is vile,
"Love" is everything, difficult to describe.
It makes us want; can't take "can't".
It rush through the veins, and refuse to stay calm."

Naveed: Hmmm..mmm... looks like you write poetry too... you never cease to surprise me...

Signs for the waiter and asks for cheque....

Ana: Are we leaving?

Hurriedly hides her disappointment and gets ready to leave. When they headed to Ana's car, Naveed offers to drive and Ana agrees to that.

Ana muses on how the character of a man, comes out while he drives.  She learns that Naveed is cool, composed and carefree yet careful and considerate driver.  She feels comfortable and she slowly relax.

Ana:  So you can drive a car and I won't be surprised if you know to fly a plane too.
Naveed: ha ha ha.... I used to drive car, back home.
Ana:  Though I hate to spoil err... our half date, wanted to know where we are heading that way can give you the directions.
Naveed:  I am taking you to my favourite spot.  Never taken anyone there till now.  But, felt like going now. Ofcourse, if it's ok with you.

Ana mentally does a "Yipee" and try to keep a calm face.  She started to read Naveed little by little.  Whenever she gets excited about something, he puts an end to that and walks off.  So, she learnt to hide her excitement and have a matter of fact look.

Ana: Hey! that's cool

Ana settles back comfortably and closes her eyes.

Naveed feels that, if it's any other girl, she would have cried with delight on his plans to take her to his favorite spot. He felt that he kind of losing and wants to see her excited reaction.  If she is like every other woman he had met, that would be an easy job.  But, Ana on the other hand is a cool customer and Naveed is intrigued.

Naveed stops the car, and turns to look at Ana sleeping like a baby with a small smile on her lips.  He hated to wake her up and continues to stare at her.  After 5 mts, he gently nudges Ana and Ana opens her eyes.  It takes a minute for her to realise where she is.  Naveed led her out and guides her forward to his spot, at ECR and Ana stunned, her greedy eyes moving this way and that way and her hands reaches for her mobile and she starts clicking pictures.

Ana: Thanks a lot for sharing your spot with me.  This would be my favourite too, here on.
Naveed:  Finally I see you are excited with something I shared.
Ana: (Smiles) Yes and I know now that you found that I am excited, you are going to bundle me in the car and take me home.
Naveed: Nah. If you have time, we can go to Pondy. What say?
Ana: Am game. Let me know if you are tired and I can drive.
Naveed: Will tell you

For another one hour the car was filled with music, laughter, silence and when Naveed took Ana's hand, it was natural.  She loved the feel of Naveed's skin on hers, rough yet soft. Once, he took her hands all the way to his chest and held it there for a minute before releasing her hands.  He was tempted to kiss her hands but something stopped him from doing that.

While gazing at the Matrimandir,  Naveed turns to find sunlight playing on Ana's face and the warm breeze playing with ana's strand, he started to think, if he was waiting all these years for Ana to happen.  Ana staring at Matrimandir, wondering if she is really in love with Naveed.  Naveed notices the slight flush on Ana's face and knew for sure, she was thinking about him, while Ana felt though not sure that Naveed is warming towards her.


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A Blip said...

I am reminded of someone in Naveed. Infact, I dont see Naveed. Instead I see that person. I love the post. Too many real life influences ;-) That particular conversation on Date.. Phew.. Good going Vj.. Keep them coming!

Viji said...

Krithi :) thanks for the comment...

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