Act :5
Scene: 2

10 years later....

Prad's Mom: Pradeep, innuma thoongara?


Prad's mom: Indha vayasana kaalathula, ippadi maadi padi era vaikariyae? keezha vandhu coffee eduthuka koodadha?

She opens the door to find Prad sitting at the corner of the room immersed in thoughts.

Prad's Mom: Ennada? Yaen ennamo madiri irukka? pazhasayae nenaichitirundha mudiadhu...ippovavadhu naan solradha kaelu.  Enakaaga illenaalum Prernah ka ga un manasu maathiko.
Prad: Ayyo! thiruppi unga lecture aaramikadheenga, amma... please
Prad's mom: Illada naan edhuvum sollala... sona mattum nee naan solradha keka poriyaa enna?

Prad's mom, shrugs and leaves...

Prad's mind rewinds to the day, four years back, when Vipra woke him for the last time.

Vipra: Praddy get up... get up
Prad: Vip... it is Saturday, let me sleep for some more time.  You too sleep na rather I have another idea, why can't we start the process of making another baby, a brother or sister for Prernah?
Vip: (blushing) Nalla iruku nee solradhu... un ponna paathukavae ennala mudila, ava adikara attagasam thaangala, idhula innonu vera ya... thaangadhu da samy...
Prad: (Smiling) What's my princess up to..?
Vip: Open your eyes and see for yourself...

Prad rolls to his left and opened his eyes to see, Prernah, his daughter yelped and gurgled and shouted  Dada... Prad for the millionth time thanked God, for gifting him with such a lovely wife and beautiful and healthy child.

Vip: Will you take care of your daughter for half an hour, I will wash her clothes and dry them and come.
Prad: Sure dear... now you run and finish of your chores. (Pulling a straight face) But, I wish she is not disgustingly cheerful early in the mornings... I need my dose of caffeine to wake me up...

Picking his daugher and tossed her high on the air and caught her and Prernah screamed with delight....

For the next half an hour, Vipra heard Prad whistle, sing and Prernah's giggle.  She smiled at how blessed her life is. She still can't believe her luck.

Her mind rolled back to the day when Prad told her that he needs her counselling.  Vipra messaged saying that she will call him the next day.

The next day, Prad came to Vipra's house.  Vipra was taken by surprise as Prad never felt comfortable visiting others house.  She invited him in and told him that her parents had gone to a nearby temple.

Prad:  Vip, we need to talk
Vipra: Tell me... Have you come to tell me that yesterday was a mistake?
Prad: Yes. But the mistake was between me and Sheerine, not between you and me.  Listen, Vipra.  You know me more than anyone else.  I am no good with fancy words.  You are my best friend.  You had always been there, whenever I needed you.  You had been a pest at times, but lovely pest, whom I missed when not around.  I loved the chatter, when we meet in person, I loved the chatter when you message or call...It was incredibly silent after you left and I don't ever wish for that silence again.  You need to hear anything more?
Vipra:  You call me a pest and chatter box and you expect me to be happy with that?
Prad: I told you that you are my best friend. Do you have selective memory?
Vipra:  Oh! yeah! with your other girl friends, it is sweetheart, honey, dear and when it comes to me, lovely pest, dear chatterbox, best friend... I feel like a dear old comforter.
Prad: I am telling you this for one last time.  You are one friend I trust my life with, you are the only person, to whom I am myself and I don't hide anything from you.  Vip, you are important to me.  I think, I am in love with you.
Vipra: You think!?! Wow! I am honored.
Prad:  What do you want to hear from me, Vipra?
Vipra: Nothing Prad... sorry for being little curt.  I have to go for my music class now.
Prad: I will drop you.
Vipra: No prob Prad.  I will take my scooty, it will be easy to come back.
Prad:  Can you take a break from class today, Vip?

Vipra wanted to say "No", but she said "Yes" instead and it turned out to be the loveliest day in Vipra's life.  Prad was very considerate. He pampered and wooed her.  This was a prad, she never met before.  At the end of the day, Prad proposed to Vipra and Vipra accepted..

Six lovely years passed... there were fights, reunions, loads of love and while Prad became a budding entrepreneur, she took care of his daughter and taught music.

Vipra finished her chores and went up to Prad's room to watch Dad and daughter playing.  It was then, she felt severe pain on her shoulders and chest... She called out for Prad and asked him to take her to the hospital.  Prad rushed her to the nearby hospital, only to hear the doctor say, it was severe cardiac arrest and fatal.

Prernah: Papa... are you crying?
Prad: No da... I am not crying... just that dust got in to my eyes.
Prernah: Can we go to beach today?
Prad:  Yes love... we will go in the evening. 
Prernah: I wish I have a mummy.
Prad: I am there for you baby.  I will take care of you my princess...

Prad kisses his daughter and closes his eyes hurriedly to hide the unshed tears....


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A Blip said...

I hate you Viji :'( I really do.. Why cant u write happy endings.. Why cardiac arrest ???!!!!!!!!!

Viji said...

Hmmm... I don't have An answer for your first question... For the second question, every human who dies, dies of cardiac arrest only.. It was natural and I am not new to pain in shoulders and chest, it was easy to write about it. Krithi everyone in their life undergo both happy and sad endings..

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