"It's a jolly holiday with Mary"....

Act: 5
Scene: 1

10 years later....

Ana saw Rachel playing with her straw and blowing the Strawberry milkshake...a small drop of the milkshake landed on the tip of her nose and Ana reached to wipe it from Rachel's nose.

Rachel: (Swinging her legs) Mummy, if I pray to Santa, will he give me the gift I want?
Ana: Sure. Only if I pray along with you.  What do you want, Baby?
Rachel:  I want Daddy to be with me for this Christmas.
Ana: (Smiles...) Let's pray... Now! finish your milkshake and let's go home.

At a toy shop....

Naveed: Can you gift wrap this? Pink glitter paper... let me look for a greeting card meanwhile.

Phone rings....

Naveed: Hi Sweetheart...
Other end: Chatter
Naveed: (Smiling... ) What's my lil angel doing?
Other end: Chatter
Naveed: I am buying her the Barbie 3 story dream town house and she is going to love this.... Don't tell her anything now. Let this be a surprise.
Other end:  Chatter
Naveed: Sure dear.  Now let me collect the doll house and hit the road.

Rachel: Mommy...
Ana: yes baby...
Rachel: Shall we sing "it's a jolly holiday with Mary"... Are you Mary Poppins before you became my mommy?
Ana: laughing... I was not, Mary Poppins... Do I have the magic umbrella?
Rachel: No! But how nice it would be if you are Mary Poppins....
Ana: Let's sing... Ready start 1 2 3...

They sing...

Oh, it's a jolly holiday
with Mary
Mary makes your 'eart so light
When the day is gray
And ordinary
Mary makes the sun shine bright...

Rachel: Mummy, how nice it would be if Daddy is here...
Ana: Rach... can we sing chim chimney?

Ana sings...

Chim chimney
Chim chimney
Chim chim cher-ee!
A sweep is as lucky
As lucky can be...

Chim chimney
Chim chimney
Chim chim cher-oo!
Good luck will rub off when
I shake 'ands with you
Or blow me a kiss
And that's lucky too...

Ana and Rachel start giggling and lay on a heap on the bed and Ana tickles Rachel and Rach laughs and laughs and finally fell asleep.

Ana for the 50th time looked at the wall clock.

Naveed rings the bell, the gift pack resting on the floor next to him.  The door opens....

Naveed:  Sorry sweetheart... got delayed by the traffic.  Is she awake?

Naveed stepped in slowly with out making much sound.  When he placed the gift near the bed and slowly raised himself.  There was this huge ball that made him topple down and he heard  scream... "daddy"
Naveed and Zora hugged and he greeted "Happy Birthday, Baby...love you loads"

While Naveed and Arzu, looked at their kid fondly, Zora Ana started to play with barbie and the doll house...

Ana, picked up the call hastily, before it woke up Rachel....

Ana: Hello Ian... How are you?
Other end: Chatter
Ana: Am doing good...
Other end: Chatter
Ana: Ian, Rach was asking if you will be here for Christmas.
Other end: Chatter
Ana: Ha ha... I fell for that sweet talk once, you charmer... not falling for that line again.

Ana picks her mobile and starts to dial a number...

Ana: Hi Naveed... Zora slept?
Naveed: Chatter
Ana: Happy Birthday, Zora... Did you like the White Bunny?
Zora: Chatter
Ana: Ha ha... It's too big for Barbie's doll house.  Let's pick a small bunny that would fit Barbie's house, OK? Give the phone to Papa for a minute na baby....
Ana: Naveed, I need a favor
Naveed: Chatter
Ana: As usual, Rach wants her Dad to be with her during Christmas, something tells me though he promised,   Ian might not come. Can you have a chat with him?
Naveed: Chatter
Ana: Thanks Naveed... Have I ever told you, what a great friend you are? If not for you or Arzu, I would have lost hope in life.  Howz Arzu and Zora Ana?

Ana and Naveed started to talk, asusual about their old times, her marriage with Ian and Naveed's marriage with Arzu and about Zora and Rach, their friendship.  Naveed promised again that he will talk to Ian about Christmas.


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