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It was yesterday Shaz a.k.a Ravi Shastri completed his 50th birthday and my blog had maximum number of visitors, especially for my previous post on Shaz.

So here I am, writing more about my birthday boy, if I could still call him mine.

For those, who know Shaz only as an international cricketer and commentator, I want to add that he is a poet too, just like me.

Read this if you can.....

 "An ode to the feeling"

A Feeling - What Is It?

That which I feel is the Feeling

Can you feel what I feel? Do you even know what I feel?
No you cannot for that which I feel is the Feeling that no one else feels

Where would the Feeling be without my Feeling of it?
It would merely be something unfelt,
Completely unfelt until I feel it. 
It is only after I feel it that it becomes felt leading to the Feeling I feel...

I have always felt the Feeling no one else has ever felt and no one will ever feel the Feeling or feel about the Feeling the way I feel the Feeling for I am the Supreme feeler of the Feeling.

Feeling is not easy, it takes years of Feeling to feel the Feeling the way I feel  it and it is my Feeling of the Feeling alone which can be considered to be the real Feeling. 

Every other Feeling felt and unfelt by anyone else capable of Feeling is not a true Feeling because the feelers of the Feeling are incapable of getting the Feeling that I have felt…

If Sidhu is noted for proverbs, Shaz is noted for his Cliches... As his great fan, I wait for every match to end and I can exactly tell you what would be his next words, and that would be, "Cricket is the real winner".

Oh! God! he tries to make even the toughest syntax and complicated ideas easy with his simple yet powerful sentences.  As an English student, I can't help, but admire Shaz and I truly truly wish, I had him as my professor during college days.

His famous cliches ; I swear there is no pun intended...

  1. "Dhoni  goes for the big one". 
  2. "He flashed and flashed hard", 
  3. "we could be in for a crackerjack of a game", 
  4. "The batsman is rotating the strike nicely", 
  5. "MS that's great performance from the boys", 
  6. "under Dhoni, you can never write off...". 
  7. "And up goes the finger", 
  8. "He's got a good arm", 
  9. "It's not easy to ball, ball after ball",
  10.  "makes good use of his heights"
  11. "getting the odd one to nip back"
  12. "lands the ball on the seam, more often than not"
  13. "Playing the natural game"
  14. "under light the ball move around, zip around"
  15. "Going all the way down to the wire"
  16.  "the ball passed like a tracer bullet"
And with a felicitation to poet Shaz, from fellow poet, Viji, I end this post,

Here is a song from my past
as I dwelled in my thoughts,
my heart formed the lyrics
my mind gathered the spirit.

there were matches you won and lost
there were stances you evaded and trot,
when tried to run between wickets,
you stood firm refusing to connect.

what the hell can you do?
When the other man is so obtuse.
Why to hit or knock or run?
Instead wait and enjoy the sun.

You tried your hand at bowling of course,
there the ball flew beyond scope,
they lashed at your ball, swinging high,
And you stood as cool as a knight.

Every match, I was afraid that you'd be dropped,
By God! that never happened at all,
One thing I loved, researched and found,
you do spit, but discreetly on the ground.

As Siddhu points out, "Experience is like a comb that life gives you when you are bald".  Oh! No! I am not trying to point out the obvious to you, 50 is a difficult age, I can understand.  Will be there myself in another 9 years.  Till then... Have a blast! and please come up with newer lines :P


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