Casting a critical eye over my blog

Tuesday, June 19, 2012 , 4 Comments

After 284 posts, I thought it was time to run a critical eye over my blog and scan the contents.

How do I see my blog?

"viji-poetrymypassion", after four and half years, I feel that my blog address could have been better.  When I named it, I had three things in mind.  I wanted my name, my interest, and the word "passion" to be there in the title.  Didn't stop to think, if this title would fetch audience.  When I had my first follower, I could hardly believe and after 4.5 years and 61 followers, I still can't believe.  I am convinced that they bumped in to my blog for a picture and probably found that post, amusing and added themselves as followers. 

The section, "About me",  says "Found me? mission complete :)".  Who am I kidding?  The trickiest part for me had always been "about me" column. I thought it was better to leave the readers make a guess how foolish I am, instead of telling them point blank.

"Label" that too 41? Viji! you rock! Between it's definitely not because, I am 41 and I can't wait another year to add another label.

The gimmicks, I try to get page hits is unimaginable. If it's naive to believe that adding popular/trendy/happening event while naming a blog post,  fetch visitors, then I am naive. Don't be surprised if you find one huge sentence as a title for a post. I keep lending out links to my own blog, that way to make them stay in my blog for more than a minute.  In my experience, readers are smart, when they see a hyperlink, the eye it as virus and that's the end of my blog promotion.

I started this post couple of weeks back and it was lying as a draft.  I am resuming it today, the 19th June 2012, Tuesday.

So, this post made me do something, which I wouldn't have dreamt of doing.  I bought a domain and POOF! one week flew, buying the domain, verifying it and finally now posting the first article under my own precious domain space and well! I paid for it not free anymore :)

This buying the domain through google, though was said easy, was frustrating for me.  This was mainly because, I tend to complicate easy things.

So, I had to read hundred of links to get to a correct link, which guided me to "verify my domain".  Ignore me if I use strange words like verification, go daddy, enam, I thought them strange too, until a week back, now they are as close to me, as my soul to my body.  I cannot afford to let them go, as there is a risk of them taking my 10 USD along with them.

There is one question that for which I don't have an answer now. No make it two.
  1. I bought a domain, chose a template and added few funny tags, but what I see is my good ole blog template.  How do I go about editing this? should I do it from blogger window or website window?
  2. Where do I write my new posts from?  If blogger window, then this post will get published.  If not god only knows how many more links I have to read.
Chriz, I called you, today I have messaged you too.  Either you changed your phone no or you are gnarling at my stupidness... Be kind enough and to tell me what to do.  And as I promised, I will write one post on you and I don't mind calling you "En blog... sorry website deivamae vaazhga vaazhga".

Manoj And now, don't try getting away calling me hasty in buying the domain.  I am telling this world (few readers, who reads my blog), that you encouraged me to buy one and you were there when I payed for it and when it became little taxing and after almost half a day of yours got wasted on straightening out the mess I created, you had the nerve to call me I was hasty. (God! that was the most compound/complicated sentence, I ever wrote).

Time to publish this post and hope that its gets published.  If it gets published, then I am lucky and if it doesn't get published, you are lucky.


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Unknown said...

half a day??? make it half a lifetime. Hasty in the sense olunga research pannama, vangitu, en uyira edutheenga...ithula perumai vera...ennala solve panna mudiatha technical issues neenga solve pannadhukku...shabbbaaaa...vaazhga intha blog...ozhiga intha author

Viji said...

ozhiga author a? :| naan illama en blog eppadi vaazhum...? "half a lifetime" nu solli insult panitiyae? :(

hey Viji, whats up dear.. how are u.. after a long time, logging to blogs.

hows ur health. take care..

Viji said...

Doing good Perfect :D

wisdom comes with experience

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