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Saturday, December 22, 2012 , , 2 Comments

Been tagged by my blogger friend Bragadeesh Prasanna and I am taking this tag and also inviting a few of my friends to take.


If you are tagged/nominated, you have to post 11 facts about yourself.
Then you answer the 11 questions the tagger has given you; make 11 questions for the people you are going to tag.
Tag 11 more Bloggers.
No tagging back.
The person you tag must have less than 200 followers

11 Facts about me:

  1. A nutcracker, still waiting for the toughest nut to crack
  2. Jokes I make falls flat most of times, the rest I try explaining them
  3. I find hard to resist this, the bigger, the better. Love to hold on to for days at a stretch, Steve jobs my my personal favourite.
  4. Got selective amnesia, by the way "this" in the previous sentence meant Books. (Oh! Please no pun intended)
  5. I will do anything for a friend.  The reason why I don't have many.
  6. Whether am happy or sad, I react by shedding few tears.  Then this phase of verbal diarrhea, I chat incessantly and later remain extremely quiet that people start asking if anything wrong and Yeah! My reply would be "nothing".
  7. Love to point out people their mistakes and if they try to defend, too glad to prove them wrong. 
  8. When angry, extremely hurtful (not physically). 
  9. Writing poetry even at weird times.  People at times find it difficult to understand how while claiming hurt, down, angry, joy, I still write poetry.  Probably my way of showing my anger, hurt or joy.
  10. Scared of Dogs, but Dogs find me exciting.  They target me to show their love.
  11. Friends compliment about smile and they find it "beatific".  It could mean that my features not staggering, hour glass structure that is absent, someone who can weigh down even an about to fly 14 storey LIC building.

Questions for me from Prasanna:

1, What was your hobby in school days? 
Collecting stamps and maintaining a scrapbook for day to day Cricket logs.  I remember sticking a picuter of Madan Lal taking a wicket and I added the caption, Madan Lal stumped ......... On Wednesday.  Wednesday? Which Wednesday?  Probably I copied from the newspaper and wrote it, not even giving the caption a second thought.

2. Do you remember your kindergarten crush. If so what is his/her name?
I remember my Kindergarten crush.  It was called Trinka.  My favorite was Orange flavour ;)

3. Do you believe in an afterlife?
Yes, very much.

4. If you were a super hero, who would you choose?
Always Phantom.  Recent days, Batman

5. What is your passion as opposed your current job profile?
Creative writing

6. What was your first email address / chat screen name?
First email: viji_suresh@rediffmail.com

Chat name: srimathikannan in ICQ

7. What changes do you think our Cinema should make?
Something needs to be done in humour tracks.  The humour tickles us in awkward places and you are forced to laugh.  We need humour that roaring laughter.  What happened to films like "adutha veetu pen". "maya bazaar", "kasae thaan kadavulada", "kaadhalika neramilai", "bama vijayam".  Humour in NSK, T.N. Madhuram, Thangavelu, Chandrababu are my kinds. I feel that the ticklish humour started from the days of Nagesh and Manorama, but they were more enjoyable than the present day humour tracks.

8. Have you watched any horror movie alone? Share the experience
Yes two. Orphan and woman in black.  For every 2 minutes, I watched the film, I closed my eye for 10 minutes and kept removing my headphones on and off. 

9. What was the best trip you had out of your family circle?
The last one was Mahabaleshwar and it was 3 years ago.  But, if you ask for the best, then the trip to Ooty 4 years back was the best.

10. What if when you wake up one day and find yourself atop a beautiful valley and stream all alone?
I need to mention this, I am a nature lover.  Start taking photos.  I also should mention that I am scared of heights and if it is a valley, I would feel those pricks on my foot, a warning to stay away and I would stay away.  

11. Ever got lost?
Yes at Chennai Central Station.  I went with my family and we were supposed to board the train.  I found a hand suddenly clasping me, lifted and went on other side.  I couldn't scream as he held me tight and it came out as muffles.  Thank god, my mom dressed me in orange fluffy, frilled frock and she saw the orange colour and called for help and I was saved.  I was 8, when this incident happened.

Bloggers I tag: (Tagging 6 of my friends)

Questions for my friends:

1.  If everyday is a page in your life, would you allow yourself to turn back the pages and refer?
2.  Mention one book, one movie, one song that changed your life/influenced in some way.
3. "Life is but a dream?"your take. Without doing a google search, do you remember the nursery rhymes that has this line?
4. If "love is the best teacher" in the world, having this zest for knowledge and basically ambitious in nature, would you go for more than one love at the same time?
5. "Something in the air", have you used this vague "something" liner for not so vague action of yours? I can give you an example if you insist.
6.  Have you ever wondered, why "love" is a four letter word and "sex" three letters? Is it because "love" takes years to develop and "sex" barely "11 minutes"? Feel free to add your valid points.
7.  If it takes half your life time to be successful in a career and have barely a decade to retire, where did you fail? Diversions during the "half your life time"?  Eager to hear what these diversions can generally be and should we avoid them or indulge?
8. The fruit you like the best or atleast make an effort to eat.  I don't want answers like, "healthy food? no no to me".  The fruits you prefer say a lot about what kind of a person you are.  I have my own version on this, quite elaborate and if not hilarious, "put a smile on your face" versions... after seeing your answers, will write a post on this.
9. Define life; Define death - I want your version please
10. I am asking you to prepare a story board for a 3 picture comic strip.  Only 3 pics, nothing more and the shorter the better.  I will do a sketch for your storyboard and lets create a rip roaring comic strip/funny/moderately funny. Atleast we can call it ours.

Now, I know I have tagged a friend who made me promise last time, that it was the last time I ask him any questions, so leaving the 11th question blank, feel free to ask a question to yourself and answer it.  A question which you had always tried to avoid.  Now you should know how generous hearted I am.

Thanks folks! for the patient read and your answers ofcourse.


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Anonymous said...

Thats not getting lost. Somebody tried to kidnap you.. What happened to that man then?? Arrested? It was scary :(

Viji said...

In the commotion railway police interfered took him and later we were told that he was mentally not sound.

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